10 best food festivals in the world

The main rule of travelling gourmet tour must be delicious. Today let’s talk about the most interesting events, where there is a lot of food. Let’s start with the Sani holiday Gourment, which is held in Halkidiki.

Every year in one place going people who love to cook and eat Mediterranean cuisine. The action takes place at the Sani Resort, which is located in the Greece. The chef changes every year, but not less than fifteen. All are professionals of the highest class. There are separate pavilions for local talent. Last year Greece was represented by Chrysanthos of Karamolegos that works in the best hotel restaurants in their country. In recent years at the festival all pay more attention to the dishes invented here in Greece. Kind of a tribute to local traditions. An event will be held in may and the secondary menu will cost you 80-100 euros.

Definitely worth a visit Copenhagen and MAD.

It is a carnival, which is arranged Rene Redzepi – the owner and also the chef of the famous restaurant Noma. All the action takes place over two days and is specifically built for him which was a huge tent. The annual celebration. Here you can find everyone from world famous restaurateurs, to artists that inspires tasty food. Held usually on the last summer weekend. The ticket price is high enough – five hundred in the European currency.

We couldn’t ignore and Singapore Gourment World Summit.

The festival is held in Singapore every year and wears modest slogan, — “the Meeting on the highest level”. The first festival was held in 1995. The author of the project, successfully thriving to this day, chef Peter Knipp, which is known as a critic and as a literary publisher. In General, a versatile personality. Surprise the food in Singapore is difficult, but the organizers succeed from year to year. Secondary menu at the festival will cost you about $ 100. Is Gourment World Summit in mid-April.

World crazy and unmanageable concert Gelunaz.

Each time this event is held in a different place. Actually, it’s about ten o’clock a rock concert, running a huge pavilion with a famous chef from a Michelin restaurant. Here is the reign of culinary experiments. The organizer of this action is not less known than invited guests – Andrea Petrini, who made a brilliant career as a food critic. A ticket to the concert and culinary feast will cost you 500 euros.

Don’t miss the Festa a Vico in Vico Equense.

What is it? This is a great three days of the festival, which is held on the coast of D. Here is everything your heart desires. Conducted master classes by famous chefs from around the world working in Italian restaurants. There are organized whole competitions and performances unfolding on the streets of the city. The festival is organized by Gennaro Esposito, who today celebrates his Italian restaurant Torre del Saracino. Tickets for the festival range from 150 to 250 euros. The event takes place in the first summer weekend.

You can find and on St. Moritz Gourment Festival, taking place, as you can guess, in St. Moritz.

Everything is organized at the highest level, both literally and figuratively – the festival takes place on the mountain. The first festival was initiated by Reto Mathis is the owner of a successful restaurant in St. Moritz, who suddenly decided that he wants to arrange a festival with the participation of famous chefs on the planet. Part of the festival takes place in the hotel restaurants, the part in a specially constructed pavilion. The average size of the check for lunch is 150 euros. Passes all at the end of January, but the date is always better to specify in advance.

Ghent Flemish Food Fest – best outing in the world that should be visited without fail.

Organized and all have come up with three Belgian master chefs who are so friendly that even an alias took one at all — Flemish Foodies. Just imagine, a huge Playground, where nothing is located on the territory of the old factory floor. There begins a great culinary feast with a simple yet very unusual food eminent Flemish chefs. Everything happens in the month of June, and the entrance is from fifty euros per person.

The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, is also not far behind from world tourist centers, offering everyone to enjoy the large Gourmet Abu Dhabi.

This is a great gastronomic feast for those who are tired of the beaches and hotel stay. Evening meals are available Michelin chef (last year the festival was attended by Philip Etchebest and Michel Rostang), and you will eat in the best restaurants of the city, beach picnics, chocolate exhibitions and hotel rooms, which offer wine tasting. By the way, with visits to wine tastings, the ticket will cost 175 Euro, and that only 140. Goes Gourmet Abu Dhabi every February.

The Basque country is able to attract tourists, especially those who love delicious to drink and eat.

In San Sebastian hosts a Symposium chefs called Gastronomika. It discusses issues of gastronomy, discover the innermost secrets of world stars cooking, exchange of experience, etc. in Addition, each evening offered a tasting of the best wines, convene large dinners similar to Royal balls, and conduct workshops. To participate you for 400 euros. It will be held during October.

Well, if you fly you will not want, that is a great option in Russia. Moscow Omnivor Moscow.

It’s a big festival in a cat involved, as a world-famous star, and young talented chefs, whose brilliant career ahead. In his time at Omnivor Moscow revealed the talent, now Michelin chef, Rene Redzepi. At the end of the festival organized a Grand party where tables are piled with Goodies and all night playing awesome music. Visit Omnivor Moscow in just one and a half thousand rubles in April.

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