Best festivals velvet season

At the festival “Republic” will paint about 2 000 square metres of walls of houses Kamenetz-Podolsk. In September you can hear jazz, meet famous writers and draw on the walls.

Despite the end of the hottest in all senses of the word – seasons and festival life in Ukraine remains bright and exciting. “Comments” picked the most interesting festivals of the first month of autumn.

To hear jazz on the beach

Autumn in Koktebel (Crimea) starts with jazz. In the first autumn weekend (1-2 September) on the black sea coast will continue the festival Koktebel Jazz Festival. One of the most famous festivals of the country are traditionally pleasing set of good performers. So, on stage at the Black sea in the first days of autumn live bands Silver wedding (Belarus), The Tiger Lilles (UK) and Coll Acid(Russia). Among other things, it will be possible to listen to the Ukrainian group Odessa Jazz Fest, Treeorange, Jacuzzi Project, her Row: Tribute to A. C. Jobim and Revenko band.

Jazz touch in to support the international Koktebel jazz festival Live in blue bay, which will be held from 6 to 9 September. The highlight of this musical event is free entry to all concerts. By the way, the musical content is still one of the “trump card”, which year after year attracts thousands of jazz lovers. For four musical days in Koktebel will feature more than 120 jazz musicians from the CIS and Europe. The organizers emphasize that each concert will end with a jam session in which these jazzmen show the skills of improvisation.

So, on the shores of the Black sea, you can enjoy the performance of London by Fil Straughan & Continent, the Spanish flamenco-fusion jazz band Kejaleo, as well as Ukraine’s first salsa band Dislocados. In addition, on festival stages will play a Swiss jazz band The Clients, the quintet of David Tkebuchava (Russia) and the flamboyant Italian colectiv Spaghetti Swing, ochostinko which during the performance on stage making spaghetti.

To join the art

In the first month of autumn, the city of Kamyanets-Podilsky (Khmelnytskyi region) will actively “change your face”. From 10 to 23 September in the framework of the festival of contemporary art “Republic” here will paint about 2 000 square metres of walls of houses. Fixing up the exterior of city streets will be about 15 artists from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Spain.

Musical and literary part of the festival will be held from 21 to 23 September in the Kamenets-Podolsky fortress. During three days on the music scene will perform about 50 best Ukrainian and foreign rock bands. Among them are Belarusians “Lyapis Trubetskoy”, American White Coffin and domestic FROM Vinta, Kozak System, VIO, O. TORVALD, Orchestra Che and others.

GOGOLFEST 2012, despite the problems with support still held. From 21 to 29 September, one of the brightest festivals of contemporary art will be held in the halls of an abandoned experimental mechanical plant, near metro station Vydubychi. The motto of GOGOLFEST 2012 – “on Their own”. The organisers of cultural events assured that despite shortages of funding, the festival will be held. It is known that will open its showing the restored copy of the film “Earth,” directed by Alexander Dovzhenko, which will be held under the sounds of ethno-house band “DakhaBrakha”. The program of GOGOLFEST 2012 yet compiled. We only know that the festival will premiere the Ukrainian-Swiss play “Wii” is a joint project of the theatre Vidy-Lausanne and the festival GOGOLFEST.

Buy books and chat with writers

From 6 to 9 September Chernivtsi will turn into a real capital of poetry. Here will be held the third international poetry festival MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ. According to the organizers, the aim of the festival is the return of Chernivtsi on the cultural map of Europe and the development of the dialogue between contemporary Ukrainian poets and their foreign colleagues.

Read your poetry and get acquainted with the work of colleagues in Ukraine will come writers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, USA, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Russia. Organizers stress that the main party of the festival. the town itself, where at that time there will be numerous poetry readings, lectures, discussions, book presentations, poetry walks, musical-poetic and wine-cigar-poetry readings and theatrical performances.

Next weekend – September 12-16, all poets from Chernivtsi moved to the city, and to them more will join writers from around the world. In the capital of Galicia will be the largest book forum in the country – “publishers’ Forum in Lviv”. On this Grand literary platform will be possible not only to buy any books you want (the organizers promise the participation of more than 800 domestic and foreign publishing houses), but also to communicate with domestic and foreign writers, poets, publishers, to participate in more than two hundred shares of different format: autograph sessions, master classes, recitals, discussions and round tables.

Within the book of forum Lviv literary festival 2012, which should arrive about 50 thousand visitors from twenty countries around the world. The chief guest of the Forum – British novelist DBC Pierre, whose alias (DirtyButClean) rasshifrovat as “Dirty but clean”. In addition, to the city arrive by such famous writers as Peter Steiner (Austria), Ragnar strömberg (Sweden), jānis OGA (Latvia), Nada gašić and Damir Shodan (Croatia) etc.

Eat in Ukrainian- from the belly

On the second Saturday of the month, September 8, in Korosten (Zhytomyr region) will start Fifth (anniversary) international festival of potato pancakes. Craftsmen from different regions of Ukraine and from other countries will demonstrate their skills in the preparation of potato pancakes and potatoes. In addition, anyone will be able one day to go to the “school of gorunescu” and learn to make pancakes yourself.

The event, as in previous years, will be held in the Central Park of the city. Each of the guests of the festival will be able to buy a patent for a tasting, giving the right to try all kinds of potato products and set personal evaluation. And along with its signature pancakes from the mayor, who on this day personally rolls up her sleeves to feed the citizens and guests of the festival. Additionally, the festival will host various contests (throwing the potato pancakes in the sour cream, tossing the potato pancakes in a competitor, etc.), as well as quizzes and exhibitions.

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