Brazilian carnivals: how to get them

The birthplace of carnival, considered to be Brazil. And indeed it is. The carnival, held annually in Rio de Janeiro, is a vivid and unforgettable spectacle that is hard to compare. This view is impossible to find an alternative. Probably, any person knows that the Brazilian carnivals – a Grand procession in colorful costumes, similar to a theatrical production.


When there is a carnival

This holiday in Brazil is perhaps the most important and truly national holiday. There is no such person who has never heard in his life about these annual performances. Every year the date of the carnival is different. This is due to the fact that the countdown is about Easter day. Usually, the beginning of the carnival falls on a Saturday, which precedes lent. Lasts this holiday is four days, that is until Tuesday. And on Wednesday begins lent. However, sometimes officially deadlines are violated, as the scale of the carnival acquire an enormous size. In 2014 the carnival is scheduled from 1 to 4 March.

Should not be seen Brazilian carnival as a celebration that lasts only once a year during the week. Actually it is not. First, the preparation for it is conducted throughout the year. In other words, the organizers and participants are preparing in their own way. Some sew costumes, others rehearsing dances, and others conduct training, the fourth write music for the festive procession. Thus, carnival is not just a universal festival or show, which is prepared in order to make a profit doing this the whole year. In Brazil, the carnival is a certain mentality of the locals. It’s like he came into the life of every person and became the hallmark of the state.

The program of the carnival

Each year is elected king of the carnival. It must be a local resident, to which the following requirements apply:

stocky build;

age middle-aged.

This is because the real king is supposed to symbolize their appearance, the natural abundance. The demonstration of this theme is one of the main directions of the carnival in Brazil. Usually the first day is the parade of Samba, which represent children’s schools. The whole procession is built on the same principle as that of adult participants.

If you are unable or decided not to sew myself a suit and personally take part in the parade, you have the opportunity just to watch this enchanting performance, admiring original and colourful carnival costumes. The main show is a parade of Samba. To display special built sambadrome. It is a street where both sides are spectator stands, which can accommodate about 70 thousand people. Typically, the sambadrome is divided into sectors.

In addition to the parade of Samba schools, the carnival program provides different balls. But to get at them easy. Firstly, you need to do in advance to purchase a ticket. This is done at least a month before the start of the carnival. Usually a few days before the holiday tickets will not get to any scheduled event. Secondly, in a simple dress to prom will not be allowed. The guests of the ball dress in evening dresses and suits.

Another striking event of the Brazil carnival is the holding of popular dances in the square Praç Floriano and Cinelandia. They can participate by anyone, because this show is absolutely free and does not require special costumes. In addition, in the parade of Samba schools may also participate anyone.

To buy a ticket to the carnival in any hotel. However, the ticket price may be different. The margin set by the hotel, so the more expensive it is, the more money you will be required. Some guests live in the same hotel, and tickets bought in another – these are market relations. The difference on the ticket in the same sector may be about one hundred dollars. Experienced travelers know that it is not necessary to book a taxi to the carnival. From each hotel constantly shuttles depart, and you will be able to freely reach the venue of the carnival.

The theme of the carnival

The theme of the carnival is determined by a special Commission. This occurs immediately after the end of the previous carnival. It can be almost any. For example, one of the recent carnival was an event of the discovery of America by Columbus. However for the foreign tourist who does not know the Portuguese language is quite difficult to understand how the topic relates to what’s happening at the sambadrome. However, the jury is watching this very carefully.

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