Carnival: history and traditions of occurrence


Slaves of Ancient Rome were hiding their faces behind masks to be equal and to sit next to the patricians at the harvest festival. Since that time, and there is a tradition of hiding behind the mask of his face and to be nothing or all, depending on the imagination of the author of the mask and its wearer. Then to the mask added bright suits and went outside. This March, where they were all in masks, colorful costumes, laughed and had a good time — this theatre was opened, it was a carnival.

After a hard and long harvest people need some way to relax, unwind, have fun and forget for a while about their carnival of disagreement, the troubles and disadvantages, to become equal, to have fun, enjoy life, wealth, new crop, all of these gifts of the earth, at least during this short time as the streets are festive procession.

Further intervened in the case of the Catholic Church, which has adapted these ancient pagan customs to the needs of the new faith and moved the festivities from the autumn to the time before lent, the longest of the year, before Easter. Got two in one — the winter and the last rozrywka, a break in a large and prolonged period of limitations, moral and culinary. The word carnival — it is a refusal of meat “farewell, meat” ( carne vale ). In the calendar — the Middle ages, and that means a lot of rules and prohibitions. Only during carnival, nothing was too bold, blatant, shameful.

We are talking about Venice, because Venice carnival, which is 900 years old, was the beginning, because this is where the carnival has spread to other cities in Italy and Europe, and then globally. And today the carnival of Venice is the most elegant, mysterious and elegant. He now can be considered a major event in the cultural life of the city, competing with the film festival and the contemporary art exhibition of the Biennale, though these days — it’s more commercialization, based on the weight of tourists.

In fact, tourists “gave” carnivals “second youth” that caused them to bloom. They are Germans, Americans, Koreans, Japanese, and new Ukrainian, clicking their cameras, I want the exotic, and may envy those descendants of slaves who know how to have fun and to rejoice, dance and sing, play football and drink rum at this celebration of life, called carnival of the world Rio de Janeiro. Neither Havana nor Cologne, Zurich, Lausanne, nice, Mainz, düsseldorf, and New Orleans and Montreal with Mardi Gras, or even new-fangled Caribbean West London — end close and can’t come to this madness of colors, music, Samba and love.

After the carnival the beautiful city of Brazil comes to life, the noise subsides. Crowds of tourists are packing up and Board the plane, the police believe the number is robbed, beaten and just missing, and the poor finishing off the last crumbs gratuitous guests, thieves divided the prey, the wipers RUB first corn, trying to remove the large piles of garbage. Only the sounds of Samba still wander gnarled streets of this capital of carnivals and Samba.

Carnival — this is the climax of Samba, Samba — is a dance in Rio dancing on crutches because Samba — the soul of the Carioca, a resident of Rio, she keeps afloat the soul of a favela resident and does not die from despair to a beggar, sleeping on the beach of Copacabana, there are gaps, valve for the rich and not so beautiful and Vice versa, which allows to forget in these days of carnival, the Christ statue which dominates the city, not all made equal, and the Kingdom of God has not come yet.

In Ukraine, mainly further to the East, dominated by the Orthodox tradition of a neighbor of Russia, is pale and slightly absurd analogue under a fancy name Carnival, which — the baking and eating of pancakes. The carnival is celebrated during the six weeks before Easter. Rather, the carnival could be considered what happens in Chernivtsi region on the night of January 13, where there is really a masquerade procession, where there is really a traditional Nativity and modern not-Nativity characters, how corrupt the police, doctors and politicians. Really a costume party with a solemn procession, speeches and performances of Amateur actors, masks costumes, contest winners and best theatrical groups and costume. Except that time — January, the problems and the name — it is in those parts under the Romanian border is called malakunanja. And here, actually, Lviv, more and more “living for tourists” could make such a miracle, like the carnival in this “off season” as it is now. Cold and wet and tired of winter. It’s never too late. The carnival in Rio officially adopted in 1984, and remember Venice in 1094, although the Senate of the city “gave” only in 1296.

Days of the city or the theatre festival, and festivals as wine, chocolate or cheese — not a carnival, this chamber operation, which clearly separated the participant and spectators, tourists and shoppers. And the carnival — it’s for everyone, when it squares and streets — the scene where the citizens and guests — the audience and the actors and participants of the action, when a firework of feelings, the sea of colors, sounds and smells. So the carnival has a theme, in nice — it flowers and the smell of Mimosa, roses and lilies. In other cities — this wine, meat, theater or dance, as in Rio. The Samba competition — determine the best school, their great hundred, elect the carnival Queen, status and fame which hide the presidential regalia. In the center of his chamber architecture can be dispersed in the creative imagination will be the hatred of all.

They say to know Brazil, you need to go to a football match at the Maracanã, to enjoy a Cup of local coffee and see the carnival in Rio. I wish this was talked about Lviv, because he can become a solid scene and bring huge profits. In Rio, the proceeds from the carnival will reach $ 700 million. The Lion city can attract a travelling circus artists, acrobats, actors, artists, musicians and all who are sad. But you have to laugh, because in the realm of the absurd, where we now live, this is the only release from captivity, negative emotions and anger, molded into laughter, over actors there, in the hall of the Verkhovna Rada, on the actors here, in the clinic, at school, in the housing office, at the bus stop, right on the street and in the market, we all — the actors, we all — an unwitting participants in this circus “live in Ukraine”, we even masks and costumes do not need to wear. Policy, doctors, generals, prosecutors and judges, Vice-chancellors, rectors, not to mention the housing Department and heads of professional actors — all to the carnival!

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