Carnival in Brazil

Carnival in Brazil – it is such an event that millions of people dream to get. Every year in late February, before lent, the whole Brazil, is covered by the continuous thunder of drums, batter incendiary rhythm of Samba, immersed in the noisy, bright and cheerful holiday, greatest show on the planet. Carnival in Rio is the most organized of them.

The origins of Brazilian carnival lie in ritual dances of Black Africa, pulsating rhythms which, coinciding with the beats of the heart, was brought to Brazil with millions of black slaves and female slaves. In the mid-20th century was founded the first Samba school. In 1916 was the first written specifically for Samba carnival. It was called “On the phone”.

Brazilian carnival is one of the most famous circuses in the world – is an exotic blend of European sophistication, ancient Indian traditions and customs of black slaves. The Catholic Church found a place for such a “secular” holiday in your calendar, and since then it is celebrated exactly seven weeks before Easter, forty days before Holy week.

Many argue that was the beginning of the carnival tradition. They say that it basically brought by the Portuguese “Fun day” – a holiday, when it was customary to bullshit each other all sorts of ways, to pour water, to fighting raw eggs, corn and beans. Girls usually labeled with a balcony right in the head any guys, though the latter is not only not offended, but took it as flirting. The festival is always accompanied by songs and dances. Soon the Portuguese national pastime gladly have joined African slaves, bringing back the colorful customs of their homeland. Italian immigrants, in turn, brought to Brazil the particle fabulous Venetian carnivals. So over the centuries and formed the Brazilian carnival, which is now every year beckons in this country millions of travelers.

Traditionally, the carnival begins with the “official part” – the symbolic transfer of the keys of the city mayor “king of carnival”. For four days it becomes a full owner of the city and shall be empowered to promulgate and repeal any laws. However, the law known: all to have fun! And the population expresses full readiness to obey. A whole week no work. The crowd of half-dressed people filled to overflowing the streets, which does not drive any car. Erotic “tone” carnival participants and spectators rises so that, in order to avoid a population explosion, the authorities are forced every year to be giving a few million condoms. How else, after all, look boldly Nude dancers, dancing at a furious pace, produces on the audience just knock impression.

Speaking of rhythm. Initially, the music of the carnival were Portuguese folk songs. Then, following the fashion of the time, they began to alternate with polka, Italian carnival rhythms, and 1870, even with Brazil’s new style of music “maxixe”. Soon appeared the so-called “Ranchos” – competition dancers embodying the dance complex love troubles. It is from Ranchos considered, Samba took his unique artistry. But the movement came from African ritual dances, such as African ritual dance “Semba”, which resembled a furious shaking belly. By the way, Samba initially was just a form of expression of the black population.

Later on the native African dances great influenced fashion at the time polka and Habanera, a dance began to change according to the changing times, and soon became the main component of the Brazilian carnival. In 1916 he wrote his first Samba especially for this holiday, and in 1928 came the first school of the dance. Now Samba school is a unique institution in Brazil, representing some Amateur art associations that exist on subsidies, and the main task of which is to prepare for the carnival procession and hold it so that all fell with delight. “Factory carnival” work all year round and stunning carnival procession, which the audience sees is the result of long efforts of several thousand people.

Carnival procession of the most renowned Samba schools each year devoted to a specific topic. In accordance with it throughout the school year sewing costumes, preparing decorations, decorate the platform, makes the choreography, writing his Samba, and all this is done only to better all go 700 meters on the “Sambadrome”. The performance of each school involved is usually from three to five thousand people, including famous artists and athletes who know that this will definitely add to their popularity.

Fourteen dance schools “League” are two nights. Though their show is supposed to conquer not only the hearts of the audience and the panel of judges, which must declare the Champions and losers of this year. The jury takes into account everything: the music and the lyrics, the timing of the movements, the story setting. Estimates usually fall for the “holes” in the ranks of the dancers, the lack of expression in dance or weak response of the audience. But the “single song” Brazilian carnival is, of course, the clothes of the dancers, although in some cases it is expedient to talk about her absence. Naked is the second unwritten law of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. However, full nudity is forbidden, so they offer endless options of juicy suits, maddening not only inexperienced tourists foggy Europe, but already accustomed to all of the local audience.

It is clear that such a thrilling performance cannot be free, so the tourist who wants to test his endurance of concentrated passion, should be ready for the expenses. Places for contemplation on the “Sambadrome” usually cost from$ 250, chairs at the table – from $ 450 and higher placement in the VIP-boxes “Sambodromo” – thousands of dollars. Of Rio de Janeiro is usually not particularly expensive, but here in the days of the carnival they are always crowded, and the prices compared to any other time of the year fly half.

However. to join the spirit of the Brazilian carnival and can’t in “season” by visiting a Saturday night at ten reals rehearsal of one of the Samba schools. The most important thing is to feel that your heart is beating in resonance with the rhythm of this passionate dance, like any true Carioca.

Brazilian carnival is so gorgeous that to get experience still have to go to have a look all their own. General recommendation will only be making this trip in advance, as in the days of the carnival all prices on flights, hotels and so on. significantly uvelichivalsya. Although, in the end, this money? When you see Brazil, you will forget about them. )

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