Famous carnivals

Winter is the most “hot” it is time for the Canary Islands. Every year from January to March, the island plunge into unbridled joy and a storm of colors, passing on their thematic festivals. Each island held their thematic carnival in the capital of Tenerife – Santa Cruz de Tenerife hosts the world-famous Carnival. This is one of the largest festivals in Europe. And according to their scale, second only to the Brazilian carnival and is by its size and beauty, second in the world.

The annual Carnival in Tenerife will be held this year from February 18 to March 1 called “horror Movies”. The streets will be flooded this year cinnamontree, vampires, zombies, and other colorful characters from horror films. During carnival is a mandatory parade – it’s hours of a procession, which involved almost the entire population of the island. Few people know that the parade was held in 1987, was listed in the “Guinness Book of records”, as it was attended by about 240 000 people.

The roots of this holiday is spent in the XV century. The tradition to celebrate this holiday brought to the Islands by the Spanish conquerors in the mid fifteenth century In the eighteenth century the custom to throw a party with dancing was already widespread. In 1638 Philip IV and his entire yard was involved in various productions with disguises. Custom carnival experienced different times, and the rise and fall. After the civil war in Spain until 1976 the holding of the carnival was strictly forbidden by the Church authorities, even such a word cannot be consumed in a public place. But despite the ban, the local inhabitants of the Islands since 1945, began secretly to celebrate it at home. And since January 8, 1980, the Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has received the status of international event. He has represented international tourist interest. The international status of the festival was awarded to him by the State Committee for tourism. However, in 2007, residents of Santa Cruz de Tenerife went to court complaining that during carnival interferes very loud noise, as the carnival lasts for hours and ends in the morning. The court, having considered the complaint, rendered the decision to ban celebrations. However, a higher court overturned a previous decision of the court. To the delight of thousands of tourists.

All entertainment is traditionally held outdoors. The square in Santa Cruz de Tenerife colourfully issued, there are souvenir shops, food kiosks cafes, live music. In anticipation of the holiday in each municipality established an organizing Committee, which is responsible for festive events. The holding of the carnival can be divided into 6 parts: the selection of the carnival Queen, the main carnival procession, “the funeral of the sardine”, a children’s carnival procession, the closing of the carnival.

All the carnival action revolves around the choice of the figure of the Queen of Carnival, which is selected from 15-20 candidates. The Queen becomes an annual holiday intrigue. Thousands of journalists from around the world come here to capture the moment. And no wonder, because will be selected not only the most beautiful of the Canary woman, but even the most hardy. After all, sometimes presenting outfits weigh more than 40 pounds. The choice of the Queen of Carnival is happening on the stage area of 1200 sq. m. Each of the contenders for this title represents some carnival costume, which was provided by either the casino or the industrial center, or the company or the Bank, etc. On the creation of these costumes for months employs teams of designers, designers and seamstresses. Their work is striking in its beauty and magnificence.

For the selection of the Carnival Queen should be famous carnival procession. This giant colorful procession, composed of tens of thousands of people in colorful carnival costumes and a variety of musical groups. This is a crowd of thousands of merriment that flows through the streets, infecting all with its joy. Then follows the parade. The parade is hours Grand fancy dress parade, followed by fireworks, the roar of firecrackers and dancing until morning. This procession already leaves no one indifferent, and even tourists start to dance, yielding to the prevailing festive mood. The parade lasts many hours, during which songs, lyrics, music, and a special attraction and beauty of this action give mind-blowing costumes and ingenuity of speakers.

Ends the carnival “funeral of the sardine”. Huge fish from papier-mache, symbolizing the spirit of the leaving feast, burned under the mournful moans and cries of inconsolable mourners. “The funeral of the Sardine” proclaim the end of the holiday and the approaching lent. The process of burning Sardines puts the Church is not the best way, ridiculing all those persecutions, which were subjected to the festival before. During the burial of the Sardine thousands of widows, widowers, grieving for the annual carnival of death, priests and nuns, “cry” seeing holiday. When the “Sardine” engulfed in flames, the whole city is filled with the screams of the citizens, grieving over this loss.

For children is your “mini-carnival”. Where, as in the adult, choose the Queen of the carnival and parade is held. This festival is attended by not only children’s groups from the Islands, but also from around the world. The last few years in this celebration began to take part and children’s teams from Russia. Unfortunately, the Belarusian teams while participating in the holiday not taken.

And to finish the Carnival holiday unforgettable fireworks. And with impatience will wait for next year thousands of dreamers and lovers of carefree fun and Groovy music.

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