Festivals and events autumn 2014 that will delight gourmets

As you know, autumn – it is time to harvest. Every country is proud of your gifts, and a year care of them, that would fall to enjoy the work done.

Autumn – this is the time to pamper yourself with all sorts of delicacies of different Nations and different countries. Summer diets is over, and winter is still ahead, it’s time to pause and enjoy the culinary masterpieces.

At this time it is best to go to Europe, where culinary events and try to outdo each other. Fortunately, no more autumn frosts and it is not hot so you can enjoy the good weather and delicious food, and in the evenings enjoy a delicious wine.

The rice festival in France . This event will not take long, and will occur at the 12th on the 14th of September in a town called Arles . Not only rice is the main dish at the festival, paella – here is a real favorite.

Paella-a Spanish dish, but the town of Arles chose it and, as you can see. Even arranges a festival in honor of paella.

At the festival, lots of food, music, dancing, you can even get a bullfight, a costume parade and many other activities. Participation in the festivals is free, but accommodation will have to pay.

Arles is known for the fact that it lived and worked such geniuses of art as Gauguin and van Gogh.

Festival of pizza in Italy . This is, perhaps, the most important gastronomic event of the year. This is the main festival of pizza in the world, and it is not surprising, since it’s a brilliantly simple dish just loves the majority of the population.

The reason the festival is held in Naples, the birthplace of pizza. In Naples you will have the opportunity to taste the most authentic pizza. By the way, in the opinion of the local population and specialists, all other pizzas – it’s pies, but the real Naples.

Also during the festival you will be able not only to taste this amazing dish, but also to learn different techniques of pizza making, to study the history of pizza and participate in a street party.

The festival will take place from 12th on 22nd September. The ticket costs about 10 euros.

The seafood festival in Spain . From 2nd to 12th of October there will be held a Grand celebration of seafood in a Spanish town called El grove .

At the festival held a lot of contests that are associated with the most delicious dish, the most original dish, etc. All of these masterpieces on display for tasting.

And don’t forget to visit the most beautiful places in Spain that are filled with the spirit of the past and show you the country from an unexpected quarter.

The herring festival in Finland . In the capital of Finland, Helsinki will host the famous festival of the herring. In the fall of 2014 celebration will be held from 5th to 11th of October.

This old tradition has lasted for more than 200 years. Time for this fish fair specially selected because it is the end of the season fishing for herring in Finland. Throughout this time the fair was constantly changing.

For example, in the beginning it was designed to determine the value of fish in the country. These days it is a great holiday that allows tourists to look into the depths of the soul of the Finnish people, have fun and try the tastiest fish. Moreover, the festival is free and welcomes all guests.

It is known that in Finland one of the best quality fishing in the world about this you can read in our article about fishing in Finland. pictures and location.

The harvest festival in Paris . Since 1935 Parisians annually celebrate the harvest that traditionally takes place in Montmartre. The place was not chosen in vain, because it is here to be one of the most ancient and rare vineyards.

In the fall of 2014 the festival will take place from the 8th-12th of October. The fair is accompanied by a lot of quizzes, assignments, activities, mini theatres and other events. Every year the festival ends with a Grand fireworks display.

This is not only a great way to try French delicacies, but also a way to have fun, make new friends and taste the best French wines, sometimes even for free.

Onion fair in Weimar . In Germany, in the city of Weimer from 10th to 12th October there will be a festival bow. This is perhaps one of the oldest gastronomic festivals . since the first onion fair was held in 1653.

These days, all the culinary action that deserves the attention of tourists from all over the world. Fair starts always starts with the race. It is open to participation by all willing, whoever wins receives gifts from the local authorities.

Sometimes fair is like a place where very afraid of vampires, since all hung with onion and garlic. On the other hand looks lovely, as do archery various ornaments, decorations and, of course, food.

Doubtless guest of the fair is always German beer, without him and the feast – is not a holiday. On average, the festival annually takes roughly 300,000 tourists from all corners of the country.

These are the brightest gastronomic festivals will take place in autumn 2014. Almost all the festivals are free admission, some food and drinks free, so if you set yourself a goal, then the money will need to spend only for accommodation and flights.

This is a good option for that would explore a new country, learn about its traditions, culture, local people, make friends and still spend low. Food festivals are always filled with friendly and warm atmosphere, because we all know that man is good when fed.


Festivals and events autumn 2014 that will delight gourmets
As you know, autumn – it is time to harvest. Every country is proud of your gifts, and a year care of them, that would fall to enjoy the work…

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