Festivals in Hong Kong

Calendar Chinese and Western festivals

Festival dragon boat

This bright sports festival, richly flavored with Chinese customs. Boat competition in the form of dragons, drumming and traditional rice pyramids in bamboo leaves will long remain in memory.

Birthday of Kwan Tai

Kwan tai is one of the names of God Mod, which You might know quite well known to tourists, the man Mo temple. On the birthday of the gods bring special gifts, sometimes even compete for the Chinese operas and invite “Lviv” for ritual dances.

The seven sisters festival

The 7 sisters festival can be called Chinese Valentine’s day. The origin of this holiday is connected with the beautiful legend of love, which divides the milky way. To they can only meet once a year, when the birds put them at the bridge.

Unlike Western culture in the Chinese tradition does not include the exchange of gifts between lovers. The Chinese are much more practical: on this day girls show off their art needlework. And, of course, this is the best opportunity to ask the gods for a good groom or the bride. Girls and boys in this day presented generous gifts to the God of the earth.

Mid-autumn festival

This festival also called the festival of Chinese lanterns. This is probably one of the most colorful and memorable festivals. People not only decorate their homes with Chinese lanterns, but come out tonight to the streets and be sure to carry something that glows. This evening in the parks satisfied with circus and musical performances for everyone.

Already long before the start of the holiday in many parts of the city huge set of funny shapes, which can glow from within. The perfect backdrop for memorable photos!

Indispensable attribute of mid-autumn festival – moon cakes. How to choose a tasty carrot. read our “Hong Kong kaleidoscope”.

The fire dragon dance

In Europe put tents poles, and in one of Hong Kong’s villages for disease control every year to make the dance a huge fiery dragon. The dragon is made of thousands of smoldering sticks in the manufacture of which use special plants. For 3 nights dragon drumbeat goes on now to become the city of the village and casts out evil spirits.

The feast of God-monkeys

No matter how strange it sounds to our ears, but there is a God in Chinese mythology. Monkey iskusniji warrior can defeat any opponent. But its very difficult to attract to his side – she is very skittish and seems to be completely unmanageable. However, local residents hope to establish a relationship with her and presented her generous gifts.


This Western celebration is so loved by local residents that they are now sure of his mark. Hundreds of costumed Chinese and Europeans going around Laquihon to have fun. Here You will find not only zombies and vampires, but the Roman or Greek warriors, the real supermen and many other heroes. This is a great opportunity to not only have fun, but also make unforgettable photos!

In Disneyland and ocean Park for a few days or weeks before the holiday, arrange a special evening of entertainment for visitors. And if You come there in the afternoon, you can just make the images of funny skeletons and other scary decorations.

Interestingly, in Halloween decorations often used a black silhouette of a bat, usually on the background of the web. This is a cause for Association with abandoned buildings filled with ghosts. The Chinese believe that the bat brings good luck and happiness. Maybe that’s why they love this holiday?

Christmas and New year

Christmas decorations appear on the streets of Hong Kong, as well as in hotels and in shopping malls right after Halloween. As much as 2 months in town has a real party atmosphere, culminating in new year’s night, when a Grand midnight fireworks heralds the coming of a new year. On 24 and 25 December in Hong Kong are public holidays, but it is a quiet family holiday without the noisy festivities. But the 31st of December and 1st of January, you can have fun at the glory!

Chinese new year

In early January, the city changes its festive dress to play: Christmas trees give way to peach trees, everywhere there are red lanterns, and other attributes of the Chinese new year.

Chinese new year is one of the most important holidays in the Chinese calendar. The Chinese these days could visit their relatives and give gifts, and for us this holiday will be remembered for the magnificent parade and spectacular fireworks. This is an amazing sea of lights, not stopping for 20 minutes. If from the Windows of your hotel overlooking the Straits, but really want to capture the fireworks in all its glory, the shooting will have to take at least 2 hours before the fireworks (hotels in Hong Kong with a good view of the fireworks ).

The parade can be viewed for free in the crowd, or more comfortable, buying grandstand tickets.

Birthday of the goddess tin Hau

Tin Hau is one of the most revered goddesses in Hong Kong. Not surprisingly, her birthday is celebrated with a special scale. You can witness the colorful parade with masks and dragon, as well as meet with Chinese Opera, and without any admission tickets.

The festival rolls

This is a unique holiday, a witness can only be in Hong Kong and only on a single small island. The event lasts several days and includes great parades, street performances of Chinese Opera and other rituals. The culmination of the holiday is the assault of a 10-meter towers, hung with bread rolls. For someone who picks a bun on the very top of the pyramid, next year will be the most successful.

You can go to this island with a guide, book a tour on a pirate island .

Buddha’s birthday

Buddha’s birthday is such a significant event in Hong Kong in this day an official holiday. With a special scale Buddha’s birthday is celebrated at the monastery On Lin. In the course of a few days of festive performances, which, to the delight of tourists, it is not forbidden to photograph or take video.

We may be witnessing the festive rituals or even to congratulate Buddha happy birthday during the tour, the Path to harmony and/or Living traditions .

Birthday There Kuna

There are different legends about the origin of this God, but the most mysterious is that he is respected only in Hong Kong, and in China as if not even aware of its existence. Hongkongers it does not prevent to treat Where There with great reverence and celebrate his birthday with a corresponding scale. But for tourists this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with local traditions.

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