How to organize a children’s party

To organize a children’s holiday . which the kids will remember for a long time, you yourself must be a little kid, the only way to understand what is the most interesting to kids. You try to remember childhood holidays that you arranged parents. What first springs to mind? Of course, games, surprises, gifts, treats. Based on this, you need to plan a children’s party.

Today there are many companies that are engaged in the organization of children’s holidays . and for sure your child told you about how his boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents “ordered” such a holiday. However, such firms are not cheap. But do not despair, to organize a children’s party can own.

To a child’s party is a success, you need to solve a number of organizational issues:

The number of invited guests

If you want to organise a children’s party at home, we really appreciate your apartment and the number of guests it can accommodate. Agree, if people would be too much, you will not benefit neither children nor adults. Generally, in the West, psychologists advise parents to invite so many guests, how old their child is +1. But Russian moms and dads more hospitable owners, so always invited a lot of guests.

The children

You need to consider your child’s age and younger guests. Naturally, the younger the kids, the earlier you can plan a children’s party . Otherwise, children can quickly get tired and want to sleep, not waiting for the main surprise. Phoned the parents of the invited kids, talk with them about the time of the children’s party. You also need to determine in advance how many children the party will be over.

Consider precautions when organizing a children’s party

You should carefully prepare your apartment to ensure that there will be lots of children, and they, as you know, I love everywhere climb. So make sure you close all the sockets, remove breakable items out of reach of children. Also, pre-check with parents invited to the celebration on kids, is there Allergy some of the kids on any products.

In principle, the preliminary organization of children’s holiday ends here. Next, you should start thinking of the scenario of the holiday itself. Here need your fantasy.

So, the basic rules:

games for children should not be too long and tedious, there are important dynamics, i.e. one entertainment should quickly change another; the children themselves must be active (check in advance from parents which each temperament invited child); you have to prepare a few unpredictable surprises for children; children’s party was fun, you should attend to each child, not only to his (prepare small gifts for each child; in games should also involve all the children, some of them felt neglected); be flexible (if a game did not like children, then the host must immediately shift the attention of the guys at another occupation); prepare in advance all the necessary materials and decorations for the games (during the games should not to be no pause, otherwise the children will quickly lose interest, so you all should be on hand); you need to think of the game “rainy day” (during the children’s holiday may be that the children will love this event, and they will want to continue, you will not expose them to the door, saying that the games are over); considerations for children’s games for the holiday is not worth focusing on competition (who is faster, who is quicker, more intelligent, etc.). It may be that some of the children might be offended and cry from what he can’t do something, but you don’t want the holiday was spoiled?

As you know, small children tend to get overexcited easily, so it is necessary to foresee short breaks in games. And for this purpose the best cartoons. So grab a few discs for children with cartoons, so there was plenty to choose from.

Of course, it may happen that some children will not want to switch from active recreation passive. In this case, a win-win – ice-cream. You will need to seat all the kids at the table, and while they will eat it, you quietly turn on cartoons. So it will be possible to combine two enjoyable for children classes.

If children are invited older children, cartoons and ice cream not to distract, in this case you may want to show them a video of a children’s party with their participation that you have removed (well, unless, of course, you did).

Fillable forced a pause children’s party

What should be noted is the fact that you need to think about entertaining guests in case, for example, if someone is late. You must agree that no one would be nice just to sit silently and wait for stragglers. If your child is old enough, he would be able to take guests at the time (to chat, talk about their successes, to show the apartment). Well, if he’d be embarrassed, then think about entertainment for the guests at this time. For example, give each a piece of paper and markers and have them draw something fun on the holiday.

If your kid’s birthday, then you can hang in a prominent place a sheet of paper, and let all the guests write birthday greetings. This will take them on time.

Or, for example, may guests on a separate sheet of paper draw a comic portrait of your child, and then we will consider it. At the end of the evening can be arranged comic sale, on which the child will say, what a portrait is and why he likes the most and “redeem” him from the guest for cake or other delicacy.

If not you celebrate a birthday, or some other date, for example, the transition of your kid from kindergarten to school, etc. it can offer children to draw them the most memorable event that happened to them in kindergarten.

Here, perhaps, and all the basic principles that are directly related to the organization of children’s holiday. But the choice of form of games and festive menu – this is at your discretion.


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