Ideas for summer travel

The long-awaited summer, and with it came time music festivals and holidays . And today we want to introduce you with world events, which will be held in June in different cities and countries. It is precisely at such events it is possible to get acquainted with the traditions and culture of the country, to dance and to listen good music, to try national dishes and to make new friends.

In the twentieth of June in Barcelona attracts young people to the Sonar festival . This Grand outdoor celebration is unique in that three days Barcelona is a big dance floor. But the huge venues will be performing DJs from around the world and musicians. Among them, Massive Attack, Plastikman, Richie Hawtin, Four Tet, James Holden, Jon Hopkins, Oneohtrix Point Never, from the Evian Christ, Caribou. Besides exhibitions of video art. During the day the festival will be held in the city, and the evening celebration will be transported outside of Barcelona.

International Paris motor show Le Bourget

Once at two years in Paris airport Le Bourget is a large-scale aerospace exhibition in the world . On it you will see the main developments and novelties of the airline industry. Visitors of the exhibition will demonstrate the model aircraft – from the biggest to the smallest. As exhibits will be on display more than 150 aircraft. Many of them will participate in the Airshow. Representatives from different countries will showcase their achievements in both civil and military aviation. The first days of the exhibition will be open only for experts and professionals. But from 19 to 21 June to get acquainted with its exhibits will be able to attend.

In the Italian city of Rimini from 19 to 21 June will be held the holiday Goodies – food festival Al meni . It will be attended by 24 chef of Italian and international cuisine. All the dishes will be prepared at the festival, will cook foods that have kindly agreed to provide local producers and farmers. Meals will be prepared in the open kitchens. Near the place where will be a holiday, a grocery market, which will host the fair-sale of cheeses, fish, sausages, fruits, vegetables, breads, and wines of Emilia-Romagna.

Where: Verona, Italy

When: June 19-September 6

From June 19 in the Italian city of Verona will open the annual Opera festival . He has long been a tradition of the city, a kind of his symbol. And the main thing that held this celebration of music and singing the whole summer. So that every traveler, having appeared in Verona in this season, will be able to listen to great Opera based on the famous scene of the city, in the ancient Roman amphitheatre arena di Verona. Viewers expect “Romeo and Juliet”, “Hades”, “Carmen”, “don Giovanni”, “Longing” and many other performances. In addition to Opera performances you can attend dance and music concerts.

Ligo or Jani day – this is a wonderful holiday which is celebrated in many Scandinavian countries and the Baltic States. He is celebrated as the day of the summer solstice summer solstice. Already a few days before the celebration throughout the Latvia open fairs, where local farmers sell a variety of cheese and meat, beer and flavored teas with herbs. In Riga holiday is celebrated the night. On the streets and waterfronts working outlets and drinking establishments, broken venues for live music and fun contests. Tradition was to get a fire going. It happen around him.

Where: Glastonbury, UK

When: June 24-28

The Glastonbury Festival . or as it is called here Glasto, has become a popular event not only in Britain but throughout the world. The freedom festival, which is held under the open sky: broken tents and marquees, they come on motorcycles or vans, everywhere the smell of beer and alcohol (not prohibited). After all, it’s famous music scene. Here are the musicians of various genres and styles – R-n-B, rock, pop, jazz, hip hop, folk, rap, soul, rock-n-roll and many others. Always come here with the performances by the stars of world scale. In addition to concerts here and there are many other activities and entertainment. Open circus, shows and cabaret and theatre groups, various children’s shows and contests. This festival Velikobritanii expect the whole year.

Where: Roskilde, Denmark

When: June 27-July 4

Another international music event, which takes place in late June, held annually in Denmark. Different the Roskilde festival from the others by the fact that all the proceeds going to charity. This rock music festival was first held in 1971 in the small town of Roskilde, 30 km from Copenhagen. Traditionally, here comes a lot of young people, up to one hundred thousand people. Yet it is famous because while the festival runs great Nude race. This year the guests of honor will be Paul McCartney and Muse.

This folk holiday, which means “a walk around the sacred places”. Is Ommegang in Brussels for more than six and a half centuries. On this day, residents and visitors dressed in costumes of the sixteenth century, on the main square of the Belgian capital’s Grand-place, built a village in the style of the middle Ages and at 9 PM starts great performance. The performance fee from 30 to 60 euros, but on a procession held from the Church Notre Dame du Sablon to the Central square of Brussels, you can watch for free.


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