Indian festivals

Indian culture is one of the most festive in the world. The roots of many holidays go back millennia. In every month in different regions of the country are colorful, fun, lively dance festivals, they are different everywhere, every season has left its mark. Mysterious, mystical culture of this country is not always clear to the Europeans, but the spirit of the holiday brings people together of East and West, tourists will be pleased to participate in national holidays and festivals of India . after all, this is the best way to get into the spirit of this amazing country.

The three-day festival Pongal (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh) is dedicated to the end of harvest.

Dance festival of Modhera (Modere, Gujarat) takes place in the Solar temple, is a festival dedicated to the sun God Suri. Within three days, you can see folk and classical Indian dance

The festival of camels (Bikaner, Rajasthan) is devoted to animals, which is not in vain called ships of the desert. Camels are indispensable in everyday life of this country. The festivities begin with the Grand parade of camels, in the program – competitions and contests.

Dance festival Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu). The most famous dance groups perform in India port by Pallavas, the background of the famous sculptures of the Pallava Rock.

The desert festival (Jaisalmer, Rajasthan) is a spectacular show programme which includes a beauty contest, Mr. desert contest in turban tying, dancing with torches and other entertainment with Indian flavor.

Fair cattle Nagaur (Nagaur, Rajasthan). Someone is coming here to purchase a bull or camel, and tourists fair attracts fun games and competitions, tastings of local dishes, colorful stories of local craftsmen.

Carnival in Goa is during the week there is the feast: the streets decorated with flowers, processions with dancing and music.

Garden Festival (Delhi) – bright flower show, which will be interesting for both professional gardeners and lovers of unusual, exotic plants.

Dance festival Hadzhuraho – it’s a whole week of dancing and fairs, where you can experience the ancient temples of culture Khajuraho and buy goods from local artisans, which is pronounced national character.

International week of yoga (Rishikesh, Uttaranchal). India and yoga are inseparable concepts. Almost all modern schools of yoga have roots in the Indian tradition, and to become better acquainted with the philosophy and practice of yoga on the festival, which takes place on the Bank of river Ganges. You can listen to lectures of recognized uchitiley yoga, and most try to do exercises under the guidance of instructors.

Holi is one of our biggest and most colorful Indian festivals. This is the spring festival, the feast of the flowering, when people roughly enjoy the coming of spring. A special highlight of the holiday tradition gives to throw each other with colored powder to cover himself and paints. The whole country, especially its Northern part, two-day becomes gray-brown-crimson, painted in all colors of the rainbow go and the kids, and quite respectable Indian matrons.

Elephant festival (Jaipur, Rajasthan) – this is a very entertaining holiday. Elephants themselves are exotic, not to mention the parade of hundreds of elephants, camels, horses, painted in Indian style and decorated with beautiful capes that proudly March through the streets cheering tourists and locals. Animals have to compete with each other: the festival programme consists of the game of elephant Polo, tug of war between an elephant and a crowd of people and other entertaining contests.

Mahashivratri – festival of Shiva. In this day the whole of India praying to the great God Shiva, in his main temples in Kalahasti, Varanasi and Chidambaram held a Grand worship.

Expressing reverence to Shiva on this day Mahashivratri, Hindus don’t forget about his wife Parvati. She dedicated the Gangaur festival, which is held in Jaipur (Rajasthan). 18 days into the spring festival: the streets are groups of elegantly dressed people, they dance, play national musical instruments. Horses, also festively decorated, paraded through the streets together in people.

The Hemis festival (Ladakh, Kashmir) is held in a huge Buddhist monastery. The festival dedicated to the birthday of Guru Padmasambava, who is considered the founder of tantric Buddhism, the main Tibetan religion. Despite the usual restraint of the Buddhists, the festival involves dancing in masks, playing the French horn and cymbals, the national fair of Souvenirs and religious items.

Regatta Nehru Trophy (Alappuzha, Kerala) is held annually on the second Saturday of August. Its participants – Indian long boats, similar to snakes. On Board each of them – up to 100 person. This colorful regatta is very different from European yacht show.

Independence day is celebrated nationwide on August 15. In the capitals of all States conducted the cultural program: the official celebrations and folk festivals, concerts.

The festival of Onam (Kerali) – a holiday that precedes the harvest. On this day the Hindus of this region honor of king Mahabali, the ancient Asura. Like most Indian festivals, this festival is accompanied by dances, a procession of elephants, fireworks. The highlight of the holiday is a water carnival and boat racing on the local rivers.

The Festival Of Ganesh Charcoti (Maharashtra). One of the most famous Indian statutor – figure of a God with the head of an elephant. This is Ganesh, son of Shiva. It brings success in all your endeavors those who do not forget to honor him, so the festival in honor of Ganesh lasts for 10 days. In a festive procession involving huge statues of Ganesha and other gods who descend on the water and go swimming in the river. People not only dancing and having fun, the festival programme includes poetic stories and film festival.

The festival of Durga, Puja, which covers all of India dedicated to the divine Durga. On this day remember the exploits of the God Rama, dancing and having fun.

The festival Dussera also popular. It Hinduists celebration dedicated to the victory of God Rama over Ravana, symbolizing the victory of good over evil in the universe. This event is celebrated for 10 days.

One of the brightest festivals of India can be called the Festival of Devala. It passes through 20 days after the festival of Dassera and as it continues his story. The protagonist of Ramayana, Lord Rama returned home after 14 years of wandering. In honor of such joy in all the houses lit special lights and clay lamps, all night sparkle fireworks. Loved ones and friends in these days of exchanging gifts and sweets, remembering at the same time and the goddess Lakshmi, who waited for a Frame home.

Another annual, autumn, fair for cattle is held in Pushkar (Rajasthan) and is called the Pushkar Mela. Thousands of people gather here from all over the country, many come from other countries not only to buy oxen or camels, but just look at the spectacular competitions and performances acrobatas and dancers, to choose something from a huge variety of jewelry, clothes, utensils and Souvenirs.

The Hampi festival is located in an ancient ruined city that was the ancient capital of the Empire vidzhajanagar. At the time of the feast of the once great city once again comes to life on the streets playing music, dancing people, held marches, speeches of mobile theaters and puppet shows.

Festival of Lucknow Mahotsav (Lakhov, India should emphasize the culture of the old, classy city of Avadh. Not to say that he transformed these days, rather, shows all the best it has. Houses sparkle with new colors, streets musicians and students play the sitar, act theatre groups, applications of kites, arrange folk games, such as cock fighting and other simple, but bright and fun competitions.

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