International festival of Argentine tango

International festival of Argentine tango “Plantago 7”-Annual bright decoration of the Moscow autumn.

Colorful show, the opportunity to get lessons from great Maestro, fireworks dance evening milongas provides the organizer of the festival, the Moscow club of Argentine tango “La Milonga” – the President of Club and festival “Plantago” Alexander Westhoff. Five days from October 28 to November 1 – Muscovites and guests of the capital will dive into the world of this delightful dance and meeting with world-renowned dancers.

Mariano Cheech frumboli and Juan sepúlveda

Mariano Cheech frumboli played a major role in the evolution of tango in the last 10 years. Thanks to his artistic career, Cheech sees in tango is more than just a dance: dancing, he becomes one with the music that became the inspiration for a whole generation of young tango dancer. Cheech filled tango desire to constantly search for new and original, creative approach to movement and musicality. Juan sepúlveda is one of the brightest dancers in her dance unite totally different features: incredible subtlety and power in every movement, which are always accompanied by a sense of musicality and amazing sensuality. Lessons Cheech and Juana useful for those who just want to get acquainted with the style of tango Nuevo, and experienced and advanced dancers. In teaching Ciccio love for tango and talent combined with a deep understanding of dance technique.

Sabrina and Ruben veliz

Ruben and Sabrina – the famous Argentine choreographers and dancers. They started their career in the famous ballet Brandsen in 1989, and the pair began to work since 1997. For multi-year dancing career with his show Sabrina and Ruben made a huge number of tours around the world. They worked in countries such as Japan, China, Russia, many countries in Europe, USA, Latin America and many others. Their show, “ “Palo” Corazonicos”, Radio Latina, Radio-grafias, “Tango Buenos Aires” has received rave reviews from critics worldwide. The couple spends the lessons as well as workshops for professionals since 2003. In their lessons they affect the technical aspects of performance, musicality and aesthetics. Aim at lessons Sabrina and Ruben put improving the quality of technique and aesthetic perfection of the dancers, in addition, they strive to give the dancers the possibility of introducing new elements in their dance.

Horacio Godoy and Magdalena Gutierrez

Horacio Godoy is an amazing dancer, and a recognized teacher and choreographer of tango. His incredible musicianship and creativity in dance dazzle at first sight. Dancing, Horacio, reinterprets the tango salon, which he studied from the masters of style Wij Urkiza. Subtly playing with the music, it manages to maintain an elegance and depth inherent in tango. And milonga in his performance enthralls even the most experienced dancers. In addition, Horacio great organizer and Director of various events in the world of tango and theater. And for a long time he is the leader and teacher of the cultural center “La Viruta”, which is one of the most popular milongas of Buenos Aires. This year the festival Plantago Horacio arrives with his new partner Magdalena Gutierrez.

Louis Solanas and Maria Jose Iglesias

Luis Solanas – actor, dancer and choreographer of Argentine tango. He worked in theatre, cinema, on TV and in the press, and in parallel he developed as a dancer, working in Europe, Africa, USA and Japan. In 1994, Louis became one of the founders of the famous milongas of Buenos Aires “La Viruta” Today, Luis Solanas directs the timetable in “La Viruta”. It is also regularly teaches at workshops and festivals around the world. Maria Jose Iglesias – dancer and yoga teacher. During her career she participated in many productions as an actress and dancer. Maria teaches at “La Viruta” since 2004, and in addition, participating in performances and workshops in and outside Argentina. Maria and Luis have been dancing together for seven years. During this time they created their own performances based on improvisation, which was attended by musicians and singers. Improvisation allows them to be natural and to Express tango as they feel it from inside. Luis and Maria are committed to helping their students find it in their dance.

Cecilia Capello & Diego Amorin

Today Diego Amorin and Cecilia Capello is one of the most interesting couples on the scene today tango. They are not only incredible dancers stage tango, but also surprisingly warm and charming teachers. Cecilia Capello tango in 5 years, and it has evolved not only as a dancer but as an actress. Diego Amorin also came in tango very young and managed to work in the best theatre companies. Cecilia and Diego worked in all corners of the world, twice became the finalists of the championship of the World Stage Tango in Buenos Aires, and for the past 6 years, they appear in the famous Teatro Esquina Carlos Gardel.

During the joint work of Cecilia and Diego opened its method of teaching based on their own experience and joint work with the great tango dancers.

Solo Tango Orquesta (Moscow)

Solo tango orchestra – the young Russian team, rapidly rising to the top of the world tango – Olympus. The band appeared in the summer of 2010 and in an incredibly short time has gained international recognition.

The orchestra was created by the efforts of magnificent Moscow musicians who not one year of his life devoted to tango music.

In October of 2010 “Solo Tango Orquesta” became the winner of the XXXV international competition “Festival internazionale della fisarmonica” in Italy, having received the first award in the category “Piazzolla”s Music”. In March 2011 the band won the prize winner (second prize) at the international competition “Libertango” (Russia, Barnaul). and also won a special prize Foundation. P. I. Tchaikovsky (Moscow) Also “Solo Tango” became the official orchestra of a major international tango festival Tangomagia (Amsterdam-the Netherlands 2011), Istanbul Tango festival 2011 (Turkey -Istanbul), “Milonguero Nights 2010, 2011. “Sabor del Tango 2011? (Ukraine – Yalta), “Planetango V”. “Planetango VI” and “El Tangon 2011. “Argentine vacation” (Russia, St. Petersburg), “tango of White nights” (Russia, St. Petersburg). The band played at the milongas in Rome, Dresden, Tampere.

The sound of the orchestra is distinguished by its exceptional sense of style, powerful energy and high quality of performance.

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