Summer festivals in Finland 2015

Numerous music and entertainment festivals is another great reason to go in summer in Finland. A totally unique festival culture Suomi has long gained fame throughout Europe, and gained the love of lovers of concerts and cultural events in the open air.


Festival of heavy music “Tusk”

In Helsinki from 26 to 28 June will be held a Grand festival, which traditionally gathers fans of heavy music from all over Europe. An event will be held at the former suvilahti power plant in the capital Suomi three kilometres from the city centre and brings together the best of Finnish and international artists “difficult” genre. On the first day of the concerts will go from 14 to 23 hours, the second from 13 to 23 and in the third — from 14 to 22. Also at the festival you can purchase merchandise and clothing in the style of “metal”. This year the event will be held for the seventeenth time.

Tickets: ticket price for one day starts from 70 euros for two days — from 100 euros for three days — from 125 euros.

From 22 to 28 June will be held in Imatra famous jazz festival Imatra Big Band Festival. It was first held in 1983 and since then it is regularly speak Finnish and foreign artists with songs of various genres: from Blues to swing. I must admit that this year the organisers have any problems with financing, but because the program had to cut back. This year most musicians are Finns, but some stars from abroad still come to the event.


Jazz festival “Pori”

From 11 to 19 July in the Finnish city of Pori. 110 km from Tampere. runs one of the largest European festivals, which brings together jazz artists of international level. It was first held in 1966, has consistently been gaining popularity in recent times collects up to 160 000 spectators. The festival takes place in four venues: the Main Stage, Lokki Stage, tent and Teds Theatre Stage, as well as in clubs and cafes. Also at the event will be organized a special programme “Pori jazz Kids festival”, designed for younger visitors. Only during the festival hosts around 100 concerts.

International Opera festival in Savonlinna

From 3 July to 8 August in Savonlinna will host the next summer season famous Opera festival. The program is a classic Viennese operetta “the Merry widow”, a masterpiece of Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro”, “Boris Godunov” by Mussorgsky, classical Italian Opera “Tosca” and “La Traviata” and oratorios of Haydn’s “the Creation”. Also at the festival will be a concert in honor of the 150th anniversary of Sibelius and the competition of Opera singers. At the event, as always, will gather the best voices of the whole of Europe.

Festival in jyväskylä

The oldest Finnish festival will be held in jyväskylä from 7 to 12 July. At various venues of the event will see performances by the silent theatre, concerts of rock and pop and folk music. Moreover, the program includes meetings with the stars, a variety of workshops, discussions and lectures. This year the oldest city festival in Finland will be held for the sixtieth time. The program consists of six parts: clubs, concerts, children’s summer theatre and dance, tent and “free software”. Some of the festival events, free admission.

Tickets: Price varies from 13 to 40 euros depending on the event. Information on purchasing tickets, see here .

Tango festival

This bright and entertaining event for the past thirty years come connoisseurs partner dance, in 2015 will be held from 8 to 12 July in the city of seinäjoki. These concerts began the way many European stars tango, which can be seen today at the festival. The event takes place at five venues: Tango Street (the heart of the festival), Tango Bazaar Area (free entrance here), Dance house and Contest Arena, designed for 5,000 spectators.

Tickets: admission ticket for the entire week costs 110 euros, on separate days — from 40 to 50 euros.


Theatre festival in Tampere

From 3 to 9 August in Tampere will host one of the most important theatrical events of the year. Artists from all over Europe will come here with the best productions on the festival can be seen and dramatic performances, and street performers and circus and dance numbers. The festival program is divided into five parts: the main program, “Tent” (this would include performances held at the Central market square), “club festival” (concerts in restaurants), OFF Tampere and “Night of the Nocturne”. Also at the event will host a variety of meetings, seminars and discussions.

Flow Festival

A Grand festival of music and visual arts this year will be held in Helsinki from 14 to 16 August. Here you can hear how well-known throughout Europe teams, and young talented musicians. The festival will feature the Pet Shop Boys, Róisín Murphy, Todd Terje & The Olsens, and many other interesting artists. Also at the event, you can touch to contemporary art and to taste the delicacies of various cuisines of the world. The festival takes place in an abandoned power plant built in the last century: every time her building transformed beyond recognition thanks to the original design finds decorators.

Tickets: 1 day — 89 euros 2 days — 135 Euro, 3 days — € 169.

In Oulu from 30 July to 30 August will be a Grand event in the world festival of culture of Finland. It is interesting because it integrates a variety of events dedicated to music, vocal arts, literature, film, and performance skills. Here you can hear and jazz bands, classical music, metal, and chamber music: in short, everyone can find a platform to fit your taste.

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