Summer holidays – Honey and Apple Saved

The hot season gives us the most delicious holidays of Honey and Apple Spas. Let’s rejoice together!

The more holidays the better! Especially with such a long-standing folk traditions. Originating in pagan times, when the harvest was the main event of the year, they gradually became intertwined with the Christian and joined the Church calendar. First, Honey (August 14), and Second, Apple’s (August 19), Saved like the little sweet tooth, because there are so many Goodies and fruit! Nice place the food in the basket and sanctify the Church. But the main thing these days is to talk to the kid about the customs, to tell him the story of our Savior. Let the meeting of the summer holidays with the aroma of honey, herbs, and apples will be one of your family tradition.


Names of this festival a few: Honey Spas, Wet Spas and Macovei. In the calendar, he appeared in the XII century, symbolizing the victory of Constantinople over the Muslims. When the city was captured in the siege, the monks all its many monasteries asked God to protect Constantinople. The way it happened. The Lord saved the ancient city. Since then, this day was a great holiday. But many of the traditions associated with it, appeared much earlier. In mid-August ended a summer job in the field, and bee-keepers cut the first honeycomb. They were carried to the Church — only then was it possible to feast on. Thanks to this custom of the feast called Honey spas. They say that after the bees have a rest until next season.

And I was there, and the honey I have drank. Your kids will be interested to know that before the honey was replaced by the children and candy, and cookies, and juice. It was made into tasty treats: added to pies, cakes, porridge. And prepared a huge number of different drinks. Our ancestors were very fond of intoxicating honey “cocktail” (this is, actually, a little can not tell). In diluted with water honey added yeast, hops and left to ferment. Sometimes, used, berries, grass. In August this abundance! Honey Spas is also called Macovei. In the Church are not only honey, but also the bouquets of different colors. And although each one has a poppy heads, the name of the holiday in any way with this flower is not connected. The word “official” is derived from “the Maccabees”. The so-called brothers who fought for their faith. The story of their life described in the old Testament. Here’s a game of words! And Mac here at all to do with it. But how nice and original it looks in the bouquet! Putting it together — a special treat. Make it from the Mac (don’t forget, he’s the main character here), small sunflowers, thyme, cornflower, marigold, mint, marigolds and a variety of grasses and twigs. May he remain in your home until next year! Our ancestors took care of consecrated bouquets to spring. Then poppy was planted in the garden, and dry marigolds (“chornobrivci”), cornflowers and calendula girl on the Annunciation woven into braids “and so the head does not hurt, and the hair was thick but not falling”.

The magic water.

In people, the feast was also called Maccabeus Wet Savior, or the Savior on spilled water. It was believed that this day she is healing. Her, like flowers and grass, consecrated in the Church, stored for a year. Bouquets protect the house and give well-being, as water overcomes any disease. According to legend, long ago, when in Kiev at the site of the street was impassable thicket and stood old oaks, there was a custom: to Maccabeus entire population came to the Dnieper river Holy water. And everyone tried to swim before sunrise, in order to maintain health and beauty. Plunging, and saying: “water-Studenica, cleansed you roots and flints, cleanse me and Christianized”.

Day with the scent of apples.

It is hard to imagine, but before the onset of the Second Saviour did not eat almost no fruit. Under the ban not only got the berries I. cucumbers. But already on the feast of all treated each other that grew in the garden. Apples we are usually a lot, so Saved and called Apple. By this time the apples were filled with power and became very useful. Their medicinal qualities have long been known. If severe headache advised every hour to eat an Apple (they take cholesterol). And who eats them daily, no problems with digestion. The juice cleanses the body and pectins help to remove all unwanted substances — so they say modern specialists. In the Church calendar, the Savior called the feast of the Transfiguration. It is associated with mount Tabor. There have risen Jesus with three disciples and suddenly transformed. His face shone like the sun, clothing was white as snow, and next came the prophets. To the apostles it made a huge impression. But the Lord asked him not to tell anyone about what they had seen until he had risen from the dead. Jesus did not attempt to impress everyone with divine power to strengthen their faith. He waited to see what people will refer to it by making a free choice. Local residents claim that on the night of 19 August on mount Tabor still appears bright cloud. It recalls that in these places were visited by the Savior. Start Honey and Apple Saved with a visit to the festive service in the Church. For the kids it will be a memorable event. Of course, they have a lot of questions. But you will be able to find the answers! Your baby will love to stack the food in the basket. On the First Saviour jars of honey, apples, pears, plums, peaches. According to ancient tradition, after leaving the Church these sweets need to treat everybody you meet on the road. The Spas weather is usually still a pleasure of warmth. But on national signs summer is turning to autumn. So capture the moment! Enjoy the day outside the city — there is a flavor of apples is felt particularly well.

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