Takes place In Venice world famous carnival

In Venice on Friday began a traditional carnival – in ten days the squares, streets, canals and bridges of the city will resemble a huge stage on which unfold one of the most exciting plays in the world, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

This time the main theme of the carnival will be the “Six senses”, which the organizers of this unique festival in addition to vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch are also included and the mind.

This year the highlight of the colorful action will be a “Carnival in the dark”, the main characters of which will be blind people.

Surprises await those who are accustomed to the traditional opening ceremony of the festival. Usually it began with the flight of the “angel” who went down in the crowd with the famous Venetian hundred-meter bell tower in the Central square of San Marco. In the same year, on the idea of one of the organizers of the carnival Marco balika (Marco Balich), the role of “angel” will play the rapper Coolio.

“I wanted to create a festival for young people, which usually feels not privy to everyone’s fun,” he told reporters Balik, who organized the campaign “Love 2008”, when in Piazza San Marco a few thousands of people celebrated the New Year collective kiss.

But despite these innovations, the rest of the carnival will stick to tradition: balls, festivals, music programs and shows will take place throughout Venice and the carnival is over the burning of the straw effigy of Winter.

Annually, look at the carnival in Venice attracts about a million tourists from which to navigate the narrow streets of the city becomes very problematic. However, all these inconveniences are compensated impressions merry masquerade, filled with jokes, music, songs, theatre, covered with confetti and lit up the night fireworks.

Traders put on shelves the mountains of masks, carnival costumes, cloaks and hoods, so that everyone was able to become a full member of this colorful festival.

The Venetian tradition of carnival dates back to pagan Roman holiday of Saturnalia. In the period of the event canceled all social conventions, and everyday rules of life, everyone can have fun as he wants. Wealth and poverty were hiding behind masks, and any commoner could count on the attention of the Princess, and the patrician could easily seduce a seamstress, what in ordinary life would never have done, because it was not allowed, the code of decency.

Over time, the use of masks has gone beyond carnival and was so widespread that in 1608 wearing them legislation was necessary to limit, disguised as the Venetians wore masks so out of control that began to creep into the convents, to hide from creditors and access to gambling and brothels.

Venetian authorities issued a decree whereby the mask may only be used during carnival or at official banquets. For violation of the law men were sentenced to two years in prison and large fines, and women publicly h in Piazza San Marco, and then expelled from the territory of the Venetian Republic for four years.

By the end of the nineteenth century, the carnival faded and was revived only in the 1970-ies. The festival lasts for ten days, this year it will end on 5 February.

In our time the word “carnival” was subjected to inflation: a rollicking holiday at all. And American Halloween on 31 October, and the European revelry on the eve of Walpurgis night may 1, and Norilsk something suits under the same title in September.

Meanwhile, “carnival” – the concept is simply: the celebration before lent. The word “carnival” is eloquent: carne – meat and vale – “farewell”. It is important and it is regrettable that carne is not only the meat, which is beef or lamb, but “flesh”. Carnal pleasures – goodbye too. In the old days, children conceived in the post, considered illegitimate.

Because in carnival days hurriedly fit opposed to the impending austerity. The carnival was not an ordinary celebration, but an entire life lived in a short time, – a parallel life in which everything is the opposite. It’s not in protest, but in the alternative: test other ways of being with the replacement of positive to negative, top to bottom, good for evil. Clowns become kings, fools wise men: let’s see how it goes. We can say that in everyday life that are all around. True, but talking about it only vicious satirists. In the carnival for the coronation was debunking: ascended above the crowd jester king under the laughter threw in a pile of dung. In Europe the rag-Carnival fat man was burnt or dumped into the water. In Russia a straw effigy of Maslenitsa after velicanu torn apart or burned at the stake.

The experience of otherness is completed, it returns to the routine for life. Carnival – vaccination against discouragement included in the seven deadly sins.

In the world of the carnival break with the usual hierarchy of social status, etiquette, clothing, mannerisms, language.

Carnival language is language, jargon and math. Again you can see that in this sense the carnival reigns 365 days a year, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Indeed, the trouble, but not that curse, and that curse is often not the case. The sense of violation a verbal Canon – language update. But if vulgar language is becoming everyday? Becoming common, the isolated stratum of language is blurred. Richest Russian Mat threatened with extinction, as essentially disappeared Mat English, forty years ago, when he entered the legal lexicon. Right in the Russian film dubbing “fuck” has been translated as “hell”: the power of expression and violation of public morality the way it is, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

What to clothing, carnival – especially the mask, which makes you anonymous by returning to the fundamentals: you’re just a man.

The mask is only part of the costume. The costume can be different – from bare, almost literally, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, where the face is covered better than any other part of the body, to the thoughtfully dressed of the carnival in Venice.

Classic Venetian Bauta concise: white trapezoidal mask with deep eye hollows, black cocked hat, wide black cloak. Current outfit far removed from the classics: gold plated, jingle, fancy Moorish pattern. But Venice holds on to quality: here today not to see Marley and cardboard only brocade, leather, velvet. Hire a decent suit – about a hundred euros a day.

Entertaining as gradually increases masquerade proportion. First, here and there appear idle figures in lush robes – hired by city hall students. Tightened guests, and now on the boat vaporetto notice that half of the passengers – costumed, at the next table in the café ladies in crinolines and curls, and the restaurant in the crapper become in need near valitem Casanova in silk stockings.

Zamaskirovannye from the Venetians, Giacomo Casanova only recently, the efforts of researchers of culture has evolved from Luke Adideva in the philosopher’s life and major of the writer. With the rise of attention to the material culture became clear his equal passion for the depths of the universe and styles of hats.


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