The 15 best festivals in the world


Annually in the world there are hundreds of festivals. Everyone can find the one that best suits his interests and Hobbies. I suggest to consider the list of most famous world festivals. Choose what best suits your interests. When Shakespeare compared the world to a stage, he probably did not even know that when something is so easy to learn. Not much to speak of diversity of actors and the variety of scenes. Festivals are the perfect example of a scene that allows us to learn about another culture, religion, traditions and customs of another country. Most festivals cover different activities, interests and Hobbies.

Festivals around the world devoted to the culture and religion

#1 New year Celebration in China

This is the biggest New year celebration in the world. Chinese New year based on lunar calendar and has been celebrated for over 4000 years. The festival runs for two weeks. If you know Chinese, then you will understand what I mean. For them this time of year is really special. The festival includes parades, national food, fireworks show and more. Like other new year traditions, Chinese New year is aimed at family circle. Before the holiday is necessarily conducted in Chinese homes, General cleaning, which symbolizes purity and wealth in the new year.

#2 Diwali in India (festivals of the world)

Diwali is considered the largest religious holiday. It is celebrated all over the world, but as a Hindu festival, it is the birthplace of the festival is India. This festival is the largest event in India. It combines several religions: Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains. The name of this festival comes from the type of clay lamps, called “diyas”. The celebration associated with the return of Lord Rama from exile. Also this festival is dedicated to goddess Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu, which symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

In addition to gifts and traditional food, this holiday is marked with festive fairs that suit across India.

#3 festivals around the world – Taiwan dedicated to the lights

The festival is held in the mountain village of Pingxi. Many years ago the village was attacked by bandits. Local inhabitants were forced to flee, hiding in forests and adjacent surroundings to protect yourself and your loved ones. In a sign that local can come back, the rest of the village residents launched into the sky at night lights. Today, during the festival people are attached to the lanterns sheet of paper with a prayer and launch them into the sky. This is an incredibly beautiful sight.

Festivals of the world – fun

#1 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (festivals of the world)

This is the biggest festival attracts millions of people from around the world. The celebration originates from the time of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Although the festival first appeared in Italy, he eventually began to celebrate in South America. The festival lasts for four days. During these days Samba parades in the Sambadrome. Representatives of several Samba schools are trying to show their skills and compete with each other. In addition, at this time still held the points on city beaches in Copacabana, one of the most famous areas of Rio de Janeiro. The costumes are a very important part of the carnival. They are impressive with their beauty and size. On the first day of measures, presents the keys of the city to King Momo, the Lord of revelry and fun, which oversees the parade the next few days. As at any party, I suggest here is to use common sense.

#2 Festivals in the world – Mardi grass — New Orleans, United States of America

Actually this festival goes back very far, when he was still a religious holiday. Of course, now with religion it has nothing to do. Parade of fools is known for his unusual costumes, decorated with beads and coconuts. Although many people associate Mardi Gras with obscene rites, conducted in the French quarter, the holiday is family. In other parts of the city are pretty decent shows, where no one bares the chest or torso.

#3 Carnival of Venice (festivals of the world)

The carnivals in Venice and Rio de Janeiro have common roots, only in Venice, he is celebrated for about two weeks every year changes the subject. Fans of this holiday come to Venice every year to get to this main event in Italy. Like any other carnival, Venice is not complete without costumes, masks and festive parades. These days the city is filled with music and fun. This year’s carnival theme will be fairy tales and myths of the world. I must admit that this is one of the most interesting topics.

Other notable and unusual festivals in the world

#1 Burning Man — Nevada, United States of America

#2 Oktoberfest — Germany (festivals of the world)

The festival is dedicated to beer. Enough said?

#3 Festivals of the world – White Nights — Saint-Petersburg, Russia

International festival of art that inspires artists from around the world. The celebration is accompanied by music, festivals, dancing, pirate battles on the water and fireworks.

#4 Holly — India festivals of the world

Initially the festival was held only Hindu believers. It is often called the Festival of colors. The celebration is accompanied by bonfires and throwing colored powder and water at passers-by.

#5 Tomatina — Spain

On this day all throw tomatoes at each other. The festival has become so popular that the organizers have to reduce the number of participants. The day is marked by parades, fireworks and, of course, the battle of tomatoes.

#6 Kanamara — Japan

Festival of the penis. Strange but all the same festival in the world. Yes, Yes, you read that correctly. A holiday completely dedicated to the male reproductive organ, which is carried out modest, quiet Japanese. The symbol of the parade are the shape of the phallus in black, pink and metallic colors. At the festival you can buy a wooden phallus for riding and lollipops in the shape of a phallus. Although the festival is dedicated to fertility and sex, today this festival is the main source of raising funds for research into AIDS.

Anywhere in the world are interesting and exciting holidays. Don’t miss one of the main events of the year!

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