The Coolest summer festivals Ural


Where: Kungur, Perm region.

When: 28.06 – 5.07.

Max: 30 000.

How it passes: the balloonists compete in speed and agility. Separate nomination — design: there are balls at the pigs, there is a portrait of Che Guevara. Opening ceremony — late in the evening, all the balloons at once rise into the sky and float away into the sunset.

The trick of the year: the war in the air. All participants of the festival are divided into two armies and capture something on the ground.

Cost: the festival is free, riding for the money.

Festival archers

Where: Degtyarsk, Sverdlovsk region.

When: 17 – 20.07.

Max: unpredictable.

How it happens: the archers-roleplayers compete in shooting, and in the evening around the campfire singing songs, grease guns and play charades. Take the experienced shooters and those who just picked up the bow.

The trick of the year: if all goes according to plan, will be costumed role-playing game with forest campaigns and battles.

Cost: registration fee — 200 rubles will provide food, a tent to take their.

Biker’s “Old new rock”

Where: Sverdlovsk region — Nevyansk, Nizhny Tagil, Dir, Alapaevsk, Turinsk, Irbit, Talitsa, Aromashevo, Mironova, Zarechny, the village Visim, village Murzinka, Lipovsky career, the village of Butka.

When: 14 – 20.06.

Guests participate in a convoy of 200 people, and listen to all area residents.

How it happens: actually this is a PR of a new tourist route in the region — “Semi-ring of the Urals”. During the race participants stop in small villages, give concerts. And in Zarechnyy will be the final gala concert.

Cost: to get the list of columns, you can only pull or if you are a journalist. And the audience can be anyone.

Fans of FIFA

Where: Gorky Park. Mayakovsky, Yekaterinburg.

When: 13.06 – 14.07.

Max: not less than 5000.

How it happens: in a clearing in the Park will supply the stage and screens to broadcast matches of the championship (they promise a minimum of five), equipped area for spectators and a global food court under the open sky. And break the walk of fame football right at the entrance.

The trick of the year: fan zone will enclose a special fence and arrange bandwidth system with search features on the subject of booze and sharp. If option will work, seem like it would take on Board in 2018.

Cost: unknown, hope for free.

Bike fest “Irbit-2014”

When: 26 – 27 July

Where: camp “Robin”, about Irbit

Sun, sea and rock-n-roll: annually gather in a clearing bikers from Russia, CIS and far abroad, and several rock stars of the local and Federal level. Dance dance, rock leather jackets, compete in figured driving and singing around the campfire. To go to a party for her, enough to get a tattoo with the label of the bike and tie it with a red tie. Rumor has it that this year’s fest will call Jordan’s king Abdullah II, who is going to cross Russia on a motorcycle “Ural”.

Future Festival

When: 4 – 6.07

Where: base “Wave”, Beloyarsk reservoir, Zarechny

It’s like a sequel to the popular “Mechanics” + heels famous DJs type Dieselboy. Another Ural rave for fans of techno, house, acid and other email. Also individual scenes for etnopolitika, drummers and live sets. And superposable musicians from Sysert. The rave will hang out and athletes-dancers, will give a couple of dance lessons. You can live in comfortable rooms or tented camp.


When: 27 – 29.06

Where: airfield Bakhareva, Perm

Open air with a moderate dose of rock. Has been held for many years, but only last year he was really cool — deal with different Russian and foreign festivals such as “Intermediaries revolution” (St. Petersburg) and EuroRock (Germany) on the subject of mutual exchange participants. So this summer in Perm, it may come Broeselmaschine, why not. And the Perm musicians will once again go to Germany for eurorock in August native advertising.

“Black knives”

When: 18 – 19.07

Where: base “Wave”, Zarechny

The annual gathering of bikers Ekata, which come from all over the country. And, perhaps, not only for the sake of a party and a rock concert. Brotherhood “Black knives” is the only one who got infected with steep redbullusa events and conducts flugtag! That is, everyone carved from scrap parts of a flying machine and try to run to fly on shaky construction with at least ten meters above the local reservoir. The winner gets fame, glory, a girl and something else is obviously alcoholic. Overall very fun.

The city on Iset and “Shadr-fest”

When: 13.07

Where: Shadrinsk

Fest for talented youth, which in the evenings and weekends labeet in the garage or emboss the eardrum from the neighbors. Take beginners and experienced rockers and all sorts of pop performers, thin voices deducing something about love. Among the participants many girl groups and groups in which some of us are still studying in the music school! The fest is divided into three phases. First, play the beginners, then — League, those who have already obtained. Complete fest masters — experienced, well-known within the boundaries of the Urals group. We must go to hear what the life of the current local pop and rock.


When: 21 – 22.06

Where: Perm

While accurate information on the fest there. But since it is annual, we rely on him. The event is for serious Perm, last year the headliners were “Aquarium”, “Kalinov the bridge” . In addition, fest come the Americans (Run Run Run). Each fest is dedicated to a musical community. At first it was Spanish music, the rhythms of Africa and Latin America, and then reached the Russian ethnic email. Last year, the emphasis is on Scandinavian motifs and music of the Baltic countries.


When: 2.08

Where: manor Park Kharitonov-Rastorguev, Yekaterinburg

Before the event was called “Fair deficit” because of the creative participants were few. Now it polypharmacy event where on stage are imported (in the British headliners We have band and O. Children) and Russian (for example, Nada and Everything Is Made In China) artists in the meadows under the trees hosts children’s parties and workshops, and in shopping arcades weight delicious for shopaholics from obscure designer pieces up to quite a pretty penny. And somewhere separately, in the depths of the bushes, seminars and presentations of new yoga courses and fitness. Tickets are already on sale. There were 700 rubles. but the closer to the date, the more expensive.

Bazhov festival

Where: oz. Sungul, Chelyabinsk region

This year “browsin” finally a little change format: in addition to creative platforms and the “city of masters”, the organizers will launch seven competition areas. For example, “Ethno-style” competition for a modern interpretation of traditional folk music culture here or the “Key of earth” — for the best theatrical production on tales of Bazhov. For musicians will work four scenes: professionals, non-native, new and original artists of the genre. In short, everything that is somehow connected with creativity, people and culture of the Urals. And even Bashkir Yurt.

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