The Most insane festivals from around the world

Scottish Islands, Scotland: “Up Helly AA”

Folk festival; held in January in Lerwick, residents dressed as Vikings are in the torchlight procession through the city to the area where you are installing the model Viking galleys; it throw burning torches; settled around the fire dance. The festival dates back to the reign of Scandinavians, i.e. to 9-15 centuries.

Bobr, Belarus: The Night Of Ivan Kupala

On July 7 of the Gregorian solstice, the night of this pagan feast, young girls dressed in wreaths jump over a bonfire and swim naked. This ritual is associated with the ancient belief that the ritual brings fertility and purification.

^ New Delhi, India: a Celebration of the Festival of flowers.

Indian girls sprinkle each other with gollom (color powder), during the Indian holiday which symbolizes the beginning of spring.

^ Buñol, Spain: La Tomatina

In late August, thousands of people throw tomatoes at each other for 60 minutes each emits at least 250 pounds. This event is modestly described as the biggest tomato battle.

^ Nobsa, Colombia: international day Poncho ( the traditional Indian dress of South and Central America – cloak from a rectangular piece of cloth with a hole for the head ) is designed to support local artisans who make woolen poncho, the parade and festival are a relatively new celebration.

^ Novgorod, Russia: Maslenitsa

In Orthodox countries the week before lent there are various kinds of celebrations, including the universal fight without rules. Hundreds of years ago, the fight ended only when the participants were bloodied and without clothes.

^ Inazawa, Japan. Of Hadak Matsuri. Holiday Naked

Men dressed in loincloths hides a completely naked man. According to legend, the person who touched it it brings good luck and happiness.

^ Lop Buri province, Thailand: a Buffet for monkeys.

Every year, from across the province are invited about 600 monkeys to eat fruits and vegetables during the annual dinner party held in honor of Rama, hero of the Ramayana. He was a friend and ally of Monkey King, who rewarded his holdings, which now bears the name of Lopburi.

^ Lop Buri province, Thailand: a buffet for Monkeys

Organisers of the annual Banquet use more than 3 000 kg of fruit and vegetables to the festival.

^ Brockworth, England: Festival Cheese Rolling

Dangerous tradition Dating back to the times of the Roman Empire, the participants from all over the world rise to the Cooper’s hill and run down at seven pound wheel of cheese, who first ran down catches her. Not all of us realize that the pursuit of cheese can be so dangerous, but over the years there were so many accidents that the police wanted to ban the holiday. In 1997 one man, trying to Dodge the oncoming cheese on it, got hit in the head and flew down at 30 meters. The rest of the day he spent in the hospital. The winner of that competition, the postman Craig Carter, broke his arm. Despite the fracture, it seemed, was happy. Three years before that victory, he broke his other hand. The ambulance worker who is on duty in the competition, said that in 2006 injured 12 spectators and 13 participants. “It was not the worst year, and quite common. On average, we’re taking the hill for 30-40 people “.

^ Sabucedo, Spain: Rapa das bestas.

Since the Bronze age, Galicians tamed wild horses, so on the first weekend of July, hundreds of wild horses are driven into a corral, and then there burst desperate Spanish men and women. They must grab prancing horse, put him on the ground and literally with their bare hands to pry his tail and mane, then put the brand. The Fiesta lasts three hot July days, after which man and beast, tired but happy, go home to drink sangria and eat oats.

^ Reading, England: Festival of Falconry.

The owners of predators from Turkmenistan attended the Festival of falconry. Many people are fond of this type of hunting from different continents attended the event to show the popularity and importance of the sport worldwide.

^ Bedforshire Square Gardens, England: Guy and Olympics Hendrik

A number of mock competitions for true gentlemen who are opponents of the vulgarity of modern culture, this festival includes mixing dry martinis, dressed in pants uncertainty and the relay pipe.

^ Dublin, Georgia: Summer Redneck Games

L-bow, the official mascot of the Summer Redneck Games, located near the mud pit with the ceremonial torch of the festival. Launched in 1996, as a false summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, a feature of Games – throw the cap in the center of a muddy pit for pigs and the competition for her with a loud slap on the water pits the Goon.

^ New Delhi, India: Holi, The Festival Of Colors

The festival falls in early spring. The weather in spring, even in India, changeable, therefore frequent colds. So festive shedding medicinal herbs powders (neh, kumkum, Haldi, also bilva and other) it is recommended that the sacred healers of Ayurveda. In the celebration most people of all ages. Also prigotovleniya special drink “candy” decorated “by bhange” containing a small amount of marijuana. Music soprovazhdenie is performed using dholi and other traditional Indian instruments.

^ Ivrea, Italy: Orange carnival

The origin of this festival is not very clear, especially because oranges don’t grow where the city is located. One legend says that the Battle commemorates the rebellion of the 13th century, when the local poor, who generously donated their feudal unacceptable and threw it back in his face.

^ Boston, USA: March of the Zombies

For the third straight year, Boston residents are taking the face of a zombie and marching from Boston to Cambridge. The organizers claim that this March was not political in nature, but rather as an excuse to have a good time.

Buñol, Spain: Tomate

Each year, more than 30,000 tourists come to buñol on this festival. Rules of conduct at the festival prevented him to become more dangerous than it is allowed.

Eastern Island, Chile: Festival Of Tapati

A week-long festival, which began in the 1970s to attract more tourists. Tapati includes triathlon which involved a native of Chile, he must run around the lake Rano Raraku carrying a big bunch of bananas.


Folk festival; held in January in Lerwick, residents dressed as Vikings are in the torchlight procession through the city to the area where.

Scott, discovered Scotland. Of course, it was purely speculative view, Scotland imaginary, fictional, similar.

Hellas, or Greece (the word “Greece” lat.) called and colonies of the Greeks in southern Italy and the Aegean Islands, and Asia minor.

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Hardly anyone would argue that the Solomon Islands is a heavenly place, while on the other hand, there are worse places. But.

Children’s Christmas holidays “travel to the magic forest” in the hall of the Museum “the Natural wealth of the Kaliningrad region”

And then Rama, the best of the descendants of Raghu, the Savior of the world, accomplishing His glorious deeds for the benefit of the world described in the Ramayana.

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