The Most unusual festivals in the world

The “dirty” festivals

In most cases, when a traveler is planning to go to another country to get necessarily for any special celebration, he thinks over what the festival would help him get to know the culture of another people… well, or offering more free booze. But if You really want to get dirty from head to toe, thus helping the local people to celebrate anything, then following the “dirty” festivals on Your part.

Throwing oranges in Italy

The town of Ivrea, in the Piedmont region (Northern Italy) can happily exist for most of the year. However, during a stormy February carnival here are a mess in the truest sense of the word. And all this because the most important part of the carnival in Ivrea orange is the battle. It is rooted in the 12th century, when a resident of the town refused to sleep with the Duke in their first night (it was a tradition). She cut off his head and made a revolution. Oranges that locals today hurl at each other are the symbol of the severed head of the Duke. Throwing oranges is not in the free form, although it looks quite chaotic. The inhabitants of Ivrea are divided into 9 teams and arrange a real battle. Some throw oranges with high trucks right into the crowd (they symbolize the guards beheaded the Duke), others throw from the bottom. No matter how fly the orange at high speed, it is important that can be painful. To avoid the pain, put on a red hat, so you will understand the throwing of oranges that just watching. If you want to participate, join one of the teams that is very simple – take all the volunteers!

Throwing pumpkins in Delaware

So symbolizes the fall, no matter how throwing pumpkins? Nothing. And with this agree all the participants of the world championship of Throwing pumpkins, which first appeared in 1985 as a simple game between up to 4 friends – “who more”. Later it has grown into a popular annual event, which is held every year the week after Halloween (by the way, a good way to get rid of unwanted jewelry last holiday). In recent years the Delaware (County of Sussex, state of new Jersey), began to gather about 20,000 people wanting to either watch the pumpkins fly in the air, or to try and throw a pumpkin the farthest. No, it’s not “dirty” festival, if You are just an observer, or even one of the players. But if You were in command of those who already throws the broken pumpkins, this “dirty” festival of the highest order.

Obsidiana colored powder in India

All of the above holidays is unlikely to make You “beautiful” can not be said about the annual Indian Color Festival Holi, which takes place in late February early March. The second day of Holi all triumphant note throwing each other with colored powders. Despite the fact that Your clothes will never be the same, this spectacle is very impressive. Along with what to RUB on each other colored powders are very fun, it can be very useful. The fact that the powders prepared from medicinal herbs that protect against fever and other diseases that occur usually when the weather changes this time of year. Together with powders in the course is still and the water, leaving the body t-shirt tie-give with colored stains for a while. Holi is celebrated not only in India but also in Nepal, Guyana, Trinidad, West Bengal, where it is called Dolyatra. Some say that the colored powders and pastes contain toxic chemicals, so before to start the fun, check out the line.

Obsidiana tomatoes in Spain

Festivals, where they throw the food some of the most “dirty”, and the Spanish town of buñol every year conducts this festival. In August, the fourth Wednesday of the month, tourists and locals gather a crowd and flung a few hours in each other tomatoes. The festival is called “La Tomatina”, and despite the fact that obsidiana tomatoes is just part of a week-long festival is the only event here every tourist knows. There are even special tours organized solely for the tomato fight. It is the special equipment. What could it be? Well, of course… safety glasses. Just imagine how in Spanish the hospital the doctor explain why in Your eye stuck the remains of the tomato. Oh, and if you do decide to go, wear either something already pink color or that do not mind pink.

Pouring water in Thailand

At the time, as You with cries of “happy new year!” can accidentally spill the contents of the beer glass on the neighbor behind the bar, the Thai people celebrate the new year, intentionally spraying each other with water. Songkran, the Thai new year, is celebrated in mid-April, and organize mass dousing with water. Tourists and locals run on the street with buckets, cups, hoses, water pistols, they are allowed to progress even elephants and find many other ways to throw a passer-by. Victim is every! Initially it was just the tradition of sprinkling water on someone’s hands as a sign of respect, but all had long runs not so modestly (although pouring water still regarded as a sign of respect). In General, if you were in Thailand in mid-April, we will rejoice at this new year’s tradition, because it will be so hot that getting wet to the skin will be a great pleasure.

Tomato fight in Colombia

Hold the tomato battle in the dirty part of the rural festival, it is not that satisfied with the Spaniards. In General, in the calendar of the Colombian town of Sutamarchan also have an annual festival of obsidiana tomatoes. Colombians call it “Tomatina of Columbiana” and it is held in June. If the Spanish festival is undoubtedly better known and is mainly a tourist attraction, it does not mean that the Colombian tomato festival less “dirty”. Actually, judging by the photos, it looks even “dirtier” his Spanish rival on participants smeared tomatoes not just red, and brown. (We wonder why). About this tomato festival information is hard to find, so if you want to be on this dirty festival only tourist, then go for it.

Pouring water in China

As Thai water treatments, Chinese also take place in mid-April and also on the occasion of the new year. Pouring water is held in the province of Yunnan, and is just part 3-5 day festival ethnic group Give. As in Thailand, people throw water by chance, because in China, water is the symbol of Holiness and purity, it washes away all the bad things that happened in the past year and gives a clean start to the new year. So, according to this tradition, the more water You pour, the better the new year. Budget-conscious travellers should be like – no need to look for a place to shower. Other interesting things can be seen, if you stay not only water-carnage – racing dragon boats, fireworks and folk dances.

Obsidiana Lotus in Thailand

Yes, throwing Lotus flowers are not very messy experience, especially compared to the other festivals mentioned above. But this tradition, which marks the end of the holiday Rubles Bois in Samut Prakan, can stain, if You are one of those who will collect the flowers from the water surface. Obsidiana the Lotus is held annually in October, when the Buddha image floating down the river through the city. People from both banks throw Lotus flowers in the boat carrying the Buddha, and as you may have guessed, many of them miss. Several small boats are sailing for the Buddha, gathering flowers, not included on the main Board of the boat, and again throw them into a Buddha. Buddhists from all over Thailand come here to participate in this festival that signifies the presence of a large number of “flying” Lotus, so go ostorojna

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