The Theatre festival Amur autumn – will present.

Theatre festival “the Amur autumn” will be held in Khabarovsk from 10 to 21 September. Performances will be held in the Regional musical theatre and theatre of drama and Comedy. The festival will see performances about love, selfish and Chapaev and Emptiness.

In the regional capital will perform well-known Russian actors. Among them Maxim Averin, Tatyana Arntgolts, Alena Khmelnitskaya, Marat Basharov, Irina Medvedev, Mikhail Efremov, Mikhail appearance and many others. The artists will present in Khabarovsk are so different, but both similar because they are about love, happiness, choice and about the person.

During the festival, “the Amur autumn” Khabarovsk will see:

Maxim Averin — one of the leading actors of the Moscow theatre ’s Satyricon” named after A. I. Raikin, a successful film actor. His one-man show “it All begins with love…” promises to expand the audience about the opportunities and the talent of this remarkable artist. It’s not a concert, not a creative meeting – this is a solo performance, a full theatrical performance, well thought out and artfully folded mosaic of music, poetry, prose, accompanied by a Studio light and a sound score. This is a play in which the actor is left alone with the audience and opens his soul in this dialogue.

In the programme – poetry and prose of D. Samoilov, A. Vertinsky, B. Pasternak, Vladimir Mayakovsky, R. and V. Vysotsky. Excerpts from plays, songs of Soviet and Russian composers, visuals from movies, live communication with the audience.

Maxim Averin from those artists, who leads the viewer, always finding in it a sincere listener and speaker.

The performance will take place on 10 September in the drama theatre at 19.00.

This whole story — bullshit, and writer Viktor Pelevin so long and ably mystifies the audience that among the readers even of the opinion that the real author does not exist. That does not prevent, however, Pelevin to produce novel after novel, and not at all to question our own existence. The most famous film land of the Soviets (the”COWBOYS” Vasilyev brothers) turned in Pelevin and its Directors in absurdist joke, opus, song, and, according to the musician Garik Sukachev, the genre is most likely the rock-n-roll.

However plewinski Chapaev and Emptiness almost have no relation to the characters Furmanov and the heroes of the civil war. Their images reinterpreted from the standpoint of classical modernism. So, Chapaev acts as a Buddhist mentor, revealing to his disciple Peter, the true nature of existence. He Petka, endowed Pelevin symbolic name of the Emptiness that lives in two parallel worlds — in time of civil war and in the exemplary post-Soviet psych. While he talks about his troubled life in a mental hospital, behind him, on the back, in the form of a huge network, moving other Pelevin’s heroes — Serdyuk, Just Mary and heavenly Light.

However, in addition to the symbolism of a film used and quite realistic details. For example, the red commander Kotovsky performed by Mikhail appearance during the performance is intoxicating themselves to such a state that gives Peter the Emptiness of his legendary Orlov trotters (in the play symbolizes their wheelchair). Every era during which the action unfolds, brings together a huge iron bed, standing in the middle of the scene. A heap of times serious here: the events of the civil war are interspersed with the present, and lead into the great Void, where, finally, the heroes go. The actors are so fond of “crazy” circumstances that can easily move from past to future and back again. In the role of an ideal commander of all times and peoples acts, Mikhail Efremov, he easily turns Chapaev in true warrior spirit. By the way, it’s safe to say that at the moment this is its only role in the theatre. And Michael appearance as simple simultaneously embodies and heavenly Light, and the warlord Kotovsky, alcoholic and drug-addict. In the role of Peter – Mikhail Krylov, who manages to show not so much schizophrenic,how much human suffering and trying to make your choice.

The performance will take place on September 14 in musical theatre at 19.00.

The main characters of the action – three men. They know each other since childhood. Each has its own destiny. But once the characters decide to look into the lives of each and find their personal problems, to which previously they just closed their eyes and didn’t want to see. By means of a kind of irony, personal egoism, psychological training, Almodovar films, humor, and physical education the main characters trying to unravel a secret way to win a woman’s heart, to male friendship and responsibility. But the most important issue for them still remains, what is love? The audience will hear the most daring and unexpected revelations three characters who personify all representatives of the stronger sex.

Starring: Alexander Bobrov, Vladislav kotlyarska Vladimir Filenko.

The performance will take place at the musical theatre 16 September at 19.00.

In vain the view that only women are resourceful in the conquest of men’s hearts. Sometimes men can come up with a cunning plan, just to attract the attention of a beautiful lady. A successful member of the Italian Parliament Leone, Savasta, carried away by a beautiful writer Paula. All is good, only politicians are often mundane and completely devoid of romantic Outlook on life people. To achieve reciprocity extravagant and educated girl is not easy. A chance meeting with a talented writer Piero Leone gives the opportunity to appear before sweetheart as interesting and extraordinary man. He enters into a contract with the writer and gives his literary works as their own. At first glance, everything is going well, the MP has received recognition in the highest circles and brought before a smart woman in a favorable light, but in the meantime Paula deftly leads a double…

Role played by: Marat Basharov, Vladimir sterjakov, Irina Medvedeva.

The performance will take place on 17 September in musical theatre at 19.00.

The characters living in two cramped apartments of a provincial town, trying to be happy and make others happy.

The only problem of Chudakova and clumsy. He seems strange. Come to Shura to visit, tells ridiculous stories and calls married.

Alex is lonely and tired of unrequited love. She was tired from work, from life with mom and sister, and wants to break out of this circle. She begins to believe him, persuades himself that he is able to love.

But all this is just fantasy: like a breath of fresh air, for a moment they burst into her life, only to quickly disappear again when there is the one who broke her heart and is ready to do it again…


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