Top best music festivals in Europe 2015

A great way to make the stay – time in the company of good friends to the accompaniment of your favorite music. Add to that the fresh air, the special atmosphere of a European city, and you get a Grand musical concert. About the best music festivals in Europe, which will be held in 2015, read below.

This summer, dozens of world-renowned outdoor concerts pleased to welcome guests from around the world. These festivals take place in small towns and in European capitals, in the countryside and in the city. Especially nice that you can combine a visit to open-air sightseeing, and, therefore, to double the number of pleasant experiences.

I advise you to attend to purchase tickets now – space may run out long before the event You have chosen.

Tomorrowland, Belgium.

24-26 July 2015.

Tomorrowland – festival of electronic dance music. It takes place in the town of Boom, close to Antwerp. First open air took place on 14 August in 2005, and has since become one of the greatest festivals not only in Europe but throughout the world.

Traditionally, the festival is played by the most famous DJs in their direction: Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Bob Sinclair and hundreds of other. Since 2013, in parallel with the festival in Belgium in the USA is similar to a concert called TomorrowWorld. A similar event will be held in Brazil in may of this year.

Meltdown, England

6-9 August 2015.

Every summer in the heart of London’s Meltdown festival, and every year it is the curator becomes a world-famous personality. Curators, accordingly, invited to speak at the festival of their favorite musicians, ensuring guests an unforgettable experience and a lot of grandiose performances of various artists.

So, in 2012 at the invitation of Anthony Hegarty broke his fifteen years of silence Liz Fraser from Cocteau Twins, previously New York Dolls reunited for Morrissey and Jeff Buckley on “Meltdown” played their last British concert.

Great importance at the festival pay and other forms of art, like films. Especially prized little-known works. Sites where are the events include the Royal Festival Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall, i.e., the size of the whole complex is huge.

The festival in Benicassim, Spain

16-19 July 2015.

This festival of electronic music and alternative rock is held every summer in a cozy resort town of Benicassim. However, at the time of Benicassim event turns into a big concert venue. Only true fans of quality music know about this place, located between Valencia and Barcelona.

Especially enjoyable event format – the music here is played with five in the evening until the early hours. In the afternoon you can sunbathe on the beach, and to buy food in urban supermarkets.

Festival Roskilde, Denmark

27 June – 4 July 2015.

Roskilde – the largest music festival in Northern Europe. It was founded by two active student Mogens Sander and Jesper møller as far back as 1971, and originally this event was focused on hippies. The amazing thing is that even now Roskilde is a non-profit festival — all profits go to charity and social needs.

The festival audience consists of fans of the most different styles in music. Interestingly, participants in Roskilde from year to year are not only performers of international renown (Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Bjork, Pet Shop Boys, Pearl Jam), but also young and underground bands. In particular, each year more than two dozen Scandinavian bands play in front of an audience Roskilde their first concerts.

The city of Roskilde is quite small and it is located close to Copenhagen. For long history the festival has acquired many interesting and unique traditions. The fun continues for eight days. The festival presents a variety of musical styles: metal, alternative, and mainstream rock, electronica, indie, punk, pop, Synthpop, reggae, hip hop and folk. Each direction is a separate stage.

Open’er festival, Poland

1-4 July 2015.

Every year in Northern Poland in Gdynia Open’er festival attracts thousands of fans of a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from electronic and pop music to rock and reggae. The first outdoor concert was held in Warsaw in 2002. The following year it was moved to Gdynia. And since 2006, the main Polish open-air event is held on the territory of the former military airport.

Every year on the vast area build a few scenes. Separately is the festival site, where visitors can buy Souvenirs, watch a movie, theater performances and even sports.

After the festival we recommend you to stay in Poland for a few days and get acquainted with the cultural attractions of Warsaw and Krakow.

INmusic festival, Croatia

22-24 June 2015.

Music INmusic festival is held annually in June in Zagreb, and attracts about 25 000 participants. The venue is quite special – a small island in the middle of the Jarun lake is a popular place for recreation and get-togethers urban youth. The island is interesting because it is located in the city and at the same time isolated from the bustle of the city. The island has areas for team sports, in-line skaters and cyclists.

In 2008, the British daily newspaper the Times included INmusic among the 20 best summer music festivals in Europe. Croatia is known for its magnificent seaside resorts. Therefore, the INmusic festival was a great opportunity to combine a vacation on a Sunny beach with lots of music and fun.

June 18-20, 2015.

Sonar is a modern electronic music festival. He is very popular among connoisseurs of quality music and recreation, and therefore held not only in Barcelona but also in Reykjavik, são Paulo, Tokyo and other cities. In addition to a varied entertainment programme, on the event focusing on innovations and recent trends in the field of modern technologies, both in music and in other arts.

The festival is held not only at night, but daytime activities. Night concerts, have a place away from the city center, reachable by special buses.

At Sónar coming stars of world size ( for example, Massive Attack), as well as underground, but extremely interesting experimental artists: in previous years the festival was attended by Aphex Twin, Ryuichi Sakamoto and the like.

Sommerfesten, Norway

July 4, 2015.

Truly the most amazing festival in Europe. No wonder the British newspaper the Telegraph called Sommerfesten “the most wonderful festival you’ve never heard of,” and in 2013 she echoed The Guardian. Indeed, even on the Internet information about this one-day music event is rather scarce.

Until recently the festival was free. But the growth as the number of visitors is limited to 5,000 people, and in 2011 was six times more) and the associated implementation challenges eventually forced the organizers to establish a fee for the ticket.

On Sommerfesten you meet big names — here are or artists with acoustic programs (including Damien rice, Fran Healy from Travis and Anna Ternheim), or not very widely known indie rock bands. The most important thing here is the atmosphere. On Sommerfesten each guest is haunted by the feeling that he was on a big family holiday. Another curious feature: visitors bring food with them, and anyone can try what others brought. For the money, sold only drinks.

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