The craziest food festivals in the world

The most insane food festivals in the world

You have not once in my childhood I heard about what food not to play.

However, in some cities, the food is not only not forbidden to play, but encouraged her worship, throwing, cutting and other improper actions.

Here are 10 holidays, where you can pay tribute to your favorite products and plenty of fun.

Throwing oranges, Italy

Every year, inhabitants of Ivrea in Italy is celebrated three days before lent, pelting each other with oranges. According to the legend, a medieval Prince of Ivrea was so stingy that gave its farmers only one pot of peas every six months. In protest, residents began throwing on the streets of peas. After a few years, pea has been replaced by oranges, which also abounded in southern Italy. During the implementation of a tradition of throwing of oranges, revelers caught up in the crowd of the parade throw these fruits. Quite often this also leads to a small injury, because it is best to bring your goggles and helmet.

Skating cheese on Cooper’s hill, England

Every spring in England arranged a festival in which a large wheel of cheese is rolled down a steep hill and dozens of Britons are rolling behind her. Competition threatens them with sprained ankles, fractures, and huge bruises. So why try so hard? The winner of the just is honored to hold the cheese.

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10 best festivals in the world

Around the world hosts many major festivals and celebrations that attract not only the huge number of local residents, but also many tourists. It is understandable, because it’s hard to think of a better way to feel the atmosphere and culture of a country than to visit traditional holiday. Some of them are not only surprisingly large, but also extremely unusual in themselves.

Mardi Gras, USA

During the festival, there are costume balls, parties, parades and parades. The most interesting of them are considered the Bacchus parade, each platform which represents some perverse entertainment — Dating, drinking, cards or something, and the parade of the Mardi Gras Indians, on platforms which you can see is absolutely amazing costumes.

If you want to see the real Mardi Gras, the festival is better not to go into the French quarter and garden district and on Charles Avenue. However, you should bear in mind that all the good places there’s usually busy for six hours before the parade.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The carnival in Rio every year attracts more than half a million visitors from all over the world and is considered the biggest carnival in Brazil.

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10 best food festivals in the world

The main rule of travelling gourmet tour must be delicious. Today let’s talk about the most interesting events, where there is a lot of food. Let’s start with the Sani holiday Gourment, which is held in Halkidiki.

Every year in one place going people who love to cook and eat Mediterranean cuisine. The action takes place at the Sani Resort, which is located in the Greece. The chef changes every year, but not less than fifteen. All are professionals of the highest class. There are separate pavilions for local talent. Last year Greece was represented by Chrysanthos of Karamolegos that works in the best hotel restaurants in their country. In recent years at the festival all pay more attention to the dishes invented here in Greece. Kind of a tribute to local traditions. An event will be held in may and the secondary menu will cost you 80-100 euros.

Definitely worth a visit Copenhagen and MAD.

It is a carnival, which is arranged Rene Redzepi – the owner and also the chef of the famous restaurant Noma. All the action takes place over two days and is specifically built for him which was a huge tent. The annual celebration. Here you can find everyone from world famous restaurateurs, to artists that inspires tasty food. Held usually Continue reading

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