Takes place In Venice world famous carnival

In Venice on Friday began a traditional carnival – in ten days the squares, streets, canals and bridges of the city will resemble a huge stage on which unfold one of the most exciting plays in the world, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

This time the main theme of the carnival will be the “Six senses”, which the organizers of this unique festival in addition to vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch are also included and the mind.

This year the highlight of the colorful action will be a “Carnival in the dark”, the main characters of which will be blind people.

Surprises await those who are accustomed to the traditional opening ceremony of the festival. Usually it began with the flight of the “angel” who went down in the crowd with the famous Venetian hundred-meter bell tower in the Central square of San Marco. In the same year, on the idea of one of the organizers of the carnival Marco balika (Marco Balich), the role of “angel” will play the rapper Coolio.

“I wanted to create a festival for young people, which usually feels not privy to everyone’s fun,” he told reporters Balik, who organized the campaign “Love 2008”, when in Piazza San Marco a few thousands of people celebrated the New Year collective kiss.

But despite these innovations, the rest of the carnival Continue reading

Carnival in Brazil

Carnival in Brazil – it is such an event that millions of people dream to get. Every year in late February, before lent, the whole Brazil, is covered by the continuous thunder of drums, batter incendiary rhythm of Samba, immersed in the noisy, bright and cheerful holiday, greatest show on the planet. Carnival in Rio is the most organized of them.

The origins of Brazilian carnival lie in ritual dances of Black Africa, pulsating rhythms which, coinciding with the beats of the heart, was brought to Brazil with millions of black slaves and female slaves. In the mid-20th century was founded the first Samba school. In 1916 was the first written specifically for Samba carnival. It was called “On the phone”.

Brazilian carnival is one of the most famous circuses in the world – is an exotic blend of European sophistication, ancient Indian traditions and customs of black slaves. The Catholic Church found a place for such a “secular” holiday in your calendar, and since then it is celebrated exactly seven weeks before Easter, forty days before Holy week.

Many argue that was the beginning of the carnival tradition. They say that it basically brought by the Portuguese “Fun day” – a holiday, when it was customary to bullshit each other all sorts Continue reading

10 best food festivals in the world

The main rule of travelling gourmet tour must be delicious. Today let’s talk about the most interesting events, where there is a lot of food. Let’s start with the Sani holiday Gourment, which is held in Halkidiki.

Every year in one place going people who love to cook and eat Mediterranean cuisine. The action takes place at the Sani Resort, which is located in the Greece. The chef changes every year, but not less than fifteen. All are professionals of the highest class. There are separate pavilions for local talent. Last year Greece was represented by Chrysanthos of Karamolegos that works in the best hotel restaurants in their country. In recent years at the festival all pay more attention to the dishes invented here in Greece. Kind of a tribute to local traditions. An event will be held in may and the secondary menu will cost you 80-100 euros.

Definitely worth a visit Copenhagen and MAD.

It is a carnival, which is arranged Rene Redzepi – the owner and also the chef of the famous restaurant Noma. All the action takes place over two days and is specifically built for him which was a huge tent. The annual celebration. Here you can find everyone from world famous restaurateurs, to artists that inspires tasty food. Held usually Continue reading

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