The Most unusual festivals in the world

The “dirty” festivals

In most cases, when a traveler is planning to go to another country to get necessarily for any special celebration, he thinks over what the festival would help him get to know the culture of another people… well, or offering more free booze. But if You really want to get dirty from head to toe, thus helping the local people to celebrate anything, then following the “dirty” festivals on Your part.

Throwing oranges in Italy

The town of Ivrea, in the Piedmont region (Northern Italy) can happily exist for most of the year. However, during a stormy February carnival here are a mess in the truest sense of the word. And all this because the most important part of the carnival in Ivrea orange is the battle. It is rooted in the 12th century, when a resident of the town refused to sleep with the Duke in their first night (it was a tradition). She cut off his head and made a revolution. Oranges that locals today hurl at each other are the symbol of the severed head of the Duke. Throwing oranges is not in the free form, although it looks quite chaotic. The inhabitants of Ivrea are divided into 9 teams and arrange a real battle. Some throw oranges with high trucks right into the crowd (they symbolize the guards beheaded the Duke), Continue reading

The Most beautiful holidays of the world

February 28, begins one of the most ambitious, elegant and fabulous festivals in the world — the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Don’t have new photos, forcing eyes climb on a forehead from the beauty, we decided to recall how the Carnival in previous years. But at the same time — enjoy scenes of the most exciting holidays of the world that trigger the desire at least once in your life go on one of them.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio is one of the most anticipated festivals in the world. This is a crazy cocktail of colours, costumes, music, dancers.

In fact, the Carnival in Rio — the parade of the Samba schools, which is organized by the Ministry of tourism of the city, the League of Samba Schools and TV stations that broadcast the show.

Each school chooses a theme and prepares its moving platform, the costumes, the sets, the dancing, makes the presentation. At the end of the Carnival selects one school-the winner of which is awarded a cash prize. To study in this school is considered Continue reading

UK – Summer holidays

June 6 passes Wimbledon. Every year the quiet southern suburb of London – Wimbledon – becomes the world capital of tennis. For two weeks last June and first of July. All England tennis and croquet club holds its courts open championship of great Britain – Wimbledon tennis tournament, the most prestigious event of the four tournament series “Grand Slam”.

All summer – the traditional summer exhibition Royal Academy, London (Piccadilly).

May-July – festivals of Welsh folk art “of Eisteddfod” (Wales).

The beginning of June – racing “Derby” (Epsom, Surrey). The most prestigious equestrian competition in the UK. Expected men to be the 8 cylinders, and women, including the Queen, in traditsionnye hats.

June (day is special) – Queen’s birthday (London). The highlight of the festival was the fact that he is not exactly on the birthday of Elizabeth II, and on the day that it is specifically for this purpose choose. Is considered the main national holiday of great Britain. London is hosting a solemn military parade, the changing of the guard with the removal of the banner. Tickets for the event must be ordered in advance.

June – music festival (Glastonbury). Held outdoors on the famous local pastures. Attracts Continue reading

International festival of Argentine tango
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Tradition of holding, types of masks.
Masks, colorful costumes, mysterious stranger and gallant Cavaliers. All of this carnival. During the existence of the Venetian carnival not only did the tradition of the event, but also a…

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Carnival in Brazil
Carnival in Brazil - it is such an event that millions of people dream to get. Every year in late February, before lent, the whole Brazil, is covered by the…

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