Festivals and events autumn 2014 that will delight gourmets

As you know, autumn – it is time to harvest. Every country is proud of your gifts, and a year care of them, that would fall to enjoy the work done.

Autumn – this is the time to pamper yourself with all sorts of delicacies of different Nations and different countries. Summer diets is over, and winter is still ahead, it’s time to pause and enjoy the culinary masterpieces.

At this time it is best to go to Europe, where culinary events and try to outdo each other. Fortunately, no more autumn frosts and it is not hot so you can enjoy the good weather and delicious food, and in the evenings enjoy a delicious wine.

The rice festival in France . This event will not take long, and will occur at the 12th on the 14th of September in a town called Arles . Not only rice is the main dish at the festival, paella – here is a real favorite.

Paella-a Spanish dish, but the town of Arles chose it and, as you can see. Even arranges a festival in honor of paella.

At the festival, lots of food, music, dancing, you can even get a bullfight, a costume parade and many other activities. Participation in the festivals is free, but accommodation will have to pay.

Arles is known for the fact that Continue reading

The Best summer festivals in Europe in 2014

In the coming summer months are expected to be the peak of the European festival of life with dancing until dawn. And as in Ukraine this year, the majority of planned activities were cancelled, offer to pay your attention to the popular European music event. Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain

Sonar – a Grand celebration of electronic music in Barcelona, combining performances by DJs, variety shows, audio lab and urban art. The festival program is divided into “Day” and “Night”. In the “Day” a lot of new names, and in the “Night” — experienced “fighters”, which this year supported the performances by Massive Attack, Rudimental and Chic with the participation of Nile Rodgers. The festival takes place almost in the center of Barcelona, and you will be convenient for the company to explore all the tourist attractions of the city. But keep in mind: finding affordable housing can be problematic, book it now.

When . 12-14 June 2014

How to get there . buses from the airports of Barcelona and Girona, also convenient communication with municipal buses and metro. From budget of Ukraine you can fly to Girona with Wizz Air Ukraine .

Exit Festival &Sea Dance Festival, Montenegro and Serbia

Since 2000, Novi sad (Serbia) takes the Exit Festival, which began as a student Continue reading

Top best music festivals in Europe 2015

A great way to make the stay – time in the company of good friends to the accompaniment of your favorite music. Add to that the fresh air, the special atmosphere of a European city, and you get a Grand musical concert. About the best music festivals in Europe, which will be held in 2015, read below.

This summer, dozens of world-renowned outdoor concerts pleased to welcome guests from around the world. These festivals take place in small towns and in European capitals, in the countryside and in the city. Especially nice that you can combine a visit to open-air sightseeing, and, therefore, to double the number of pleasant experiences.

I advise you to attend to purchase tickets now – space may run out long before the event You have chosen.

Tomorrowland, Belgium.

24-26 July 2015.

Tomorrowland – festival of electronic dance music. It takes place in the town of Boom, close to Antwerp. First open air took place on 14 August in 2005, and has since become one of the greatest festivals not only in Europe but throughout the world.

Traditionally, the festival is played by the most famous DJs in their direction: Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Bob Sinclair and hundreds of other. Since 2013, in parallel with Continue reading

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