Carnivals in Italy.

The glory of Italian carnivals long crossed national borders. Every year is very important for the whole of Europe Viareggio Carnival, the Historical carnival of Ivrea, the Sicilian Carnival in Sciacca, the Carnival of Putignano, the oldest carnival of Verona attract millions of tourists to the country. The Venice film festival, probably the most famous in the list of Italian carnivals, delighting and entertaining luxurious celebrations, taking place in a sophisticated atmosphere, magnificent processions in fantastic costumes and wonderful masks, theatrical productions, music.

The first historical evidence about the conduct of the festivities in Venice dates back to the document of the Doge Vitale of Falier of 1094 year, it said on public entertainment and first mentioned the word Carnival. The official document recognizing the Venetian Carnival holiday, was the decree of the Senate of the Republic of 1296.

The organization of the Carnival in La Serenissima, with the permission of the Venetian oligarchies were dictated largely by the need. Inheriting the Roman policy of “Bread and Circuses”, the people in a certain period of time was allowed to surrender themselves to entertainment before advancing fast. Typically Continue reading

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