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The Samba schools made the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, one of the brightest and most impressive spectacles in the world. Brazilians believe their country is the birthplace of carnival

Two weeks before they lay him all the important things for later. Four days of festivities. At this time the life in the country comes to a standstill – all dancing. The media focused only on carnival. Wherever you look – everywhere he. Yeah and abroad, who would not say with the Brazilian about his homeland, and sooner or later inevitably starts talking about the carnival, because these concepts are inseparable. After all, carnival is called “Brazilian”, thus emphasizing the origin of this festival, unique in their scope and intensity of emotions, covering everyone.

Much less is known about the ever-increasing role in the carnival Samba school . The first of these was officially opened in Mangueira in 1928 it appeared other, but in that time they had no relation to the carnival. These schools, which originated in the poor neighborhoods, where many blacks were far from the festival, which took place on the Central streets, remaining the entertainment of wealthy people. The poor had fun almost “illegal”; the police would not let them sing and dance wherever they wanted.

Still, Samba has gradually established itself as the most vivid form of expression of the black population, Continue reading

Beer festivals held in different parts of the world.

The beer nation, of course, are the Germans. According to the polls, regularly drink beer here 67% of women and 91% men. It is not surprising that the world’s largest beer festival Oktoberfest takes place in Germany . It was first held in October of 1810, Bavaria, then played the wedding of Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Saxony. On this occasion, had arranged a Grand festivities with beer and horse races that took place at the city gates in a large meadow, which still bears the name Terezinha. They also invited all the inhabitants of Munich, the beer was poured for free. The event is so liked Ludwig that he ordered me to hold it annually. Since then, on the third Saturday of September begins the festival of Oktoberfest. At the Theresienwiese erected a giant beer tents – affiliates of the Munich beer halls, modestly referred to as “tents”. They are always fourteen, and is also a tradition.

Each year, the Oktoberfest attracts about a million people. They drink 10 million pints of beer, eat 750 thousand fried chicken and 800 thousand sausages. And buying up tens of thousands of glowing horns, hearts and hats with flashing lights. And not for the love Continue reading

Festivals and events autumn 2014 that will delight gourmets

As you know, autumn – it is time to harvest. Every country is proud of your gifts, and a year care of them, that would fall to enjoy the work done.

Autumn – this is the time to pamper yourself with all sorts of delicacies of different Nations and different countries. Summer diets is over, and winter is still ahead, it’s time to pause and enjoy the culinary masterpieces.

At this time it is best to go to Europe, where culinary events and try to outdo each other. Fortunately, no more autumn frosts and it is not hot so you can enjoy the good weather and delicious food, and in the evenings enjoy a delicious wine.

The rice festival in France . This event will not take long, and will occur at the 12th on the 14th of September in a town called Arles . Not only rice is the main dish at the festival, paella – here is a real favorite.

Paella-a Spanish dish, but the town of Arles chose it and, as you can see. Even arranges a festival in honor of paella.

At the festival, lots of food, music, dancing, you can even get a bullfight, a costume parade and many other activities. Participation in the festivals is free, but accommodation will have to pay.

Arles is known for the fact that Continue reading

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