Top best music festivals in Europe 2015

A great way to make the stay – time in the company of good friends to the accompaniment of your favorite music. Add to that the fresh air, the special atmosphere of a European city, and you get a Grand musical concert. About the best music festivals in Europe, which will be held in 2015, read below.

This summer, dozens of world-renowned outdoor concerts pleased to welcome guests from around the world. These festivals take place in small towns and in European capitals, in the countryside and in the city. Especially nice that you can combine a visit to open-air sightseeing, and, therefore, to double the number of pleasant experiences.

I advise you to attend to purchase tickets now – space may run out long before the event You have chosen.

Tomorrowland, Belgium.

24-26 July 2015.

Tomorrowland – festival of electronic dance music. It takes place in the town of Boom, close to Antwerp. First open air took place on 14 August in 2005, and has since become one of the greatest festivals not only in Europe but throughout the world.

Traditionally, the festival is played by the most famous DJs in their direction: Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Bob Sinclair and hundreds of other. Since 2013, in parallel with Continue reading

The Coolest summer festivals Ural


Where: Kungur, Perm region.

When: 28.06 – 5.07.

Max: 30 000.

How it passes: the balloonists compete in speed and agility. Separate nomination — design: there are balls at the pigs, there is a portrait of Che Guevara. Opening ceremony — late in the evening, all the balloons at once rise into the sky and float away into the sunset.

The trick of the year: the war in the air. All participants of the festival are divided into two armies and capture something on the ground.

Cost: the festival is free, riding for the money.

Festival archers

Where: Degtyarsk, Sverdlovsk region.

When: 17 – 20.07.

Max: unpredictable.

How it happens: the archers-roleplayers compete in shooting, and in the evening around the campfire singing songs, grease guns and play charades. Take the experienced shooters and those who just picked up the bow.

The trick of the year: if all goes according to plan, will be costumed role-playing game with forest campaigns and battles.

Cost: registration fee — 200 rubles will provide food, a tent to take their.

Biker’s “Old new rock”

Where: Sverdlovsk region — Nevyansk, Nizhny Tagil, Dir, Alapaevsk, Turinsk, Irbit, Talitsa, Aromashevo, Mironova, Zarechny, Continue reading

The Most unusual festivals of the world

Beltane Fire Festival . Scotland. “the Celts” with bare torsos raise the torches during the Festival of Beltane fire near Carlton hill in Edinburgh. These annual festivities are a modern revival of the ancient Celtic celebration of the arrival of summer.

Holiday naked men . Hadaka Matsuri (literally, the feast of naked men) in Okayama, Japan, is a traditional festival which has been celebrated for 1200 years. Picture was taken in winter, the temperature is about 9 degrees. Men dive into the icy water, passing the rite of purification.

The vegetarian festival . Thailand. Believers temple at Bang Neow, participate in the parade of vegetarian festival on Phuket island in Thailand, stick a weapon in itself, in protest. Chinese immigrants gave rise to this Taoist ceremony in 1825, when people who believe in God, ate vegetarian food to be saved from the epidemic.

Competition in the highlands of Scotland. Party games, dressed in a traditional Scottish kilt, will compete in the hammer throw, in the contest which is held in Glenfinnan. Traditional Scottish games consist of competitions, dances, food and drinks to relax from everyday work.

Holiday hens in Wayne . Nebraska. Men dressed as chickens, preparing Continue reading

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