UK – Summer holidays

June 6 passes Wimbledon. Every year the quiet southern suburb of London – Wimbledon – becomes the world capital of tennis. For two weeks last June and first of July. All England tennis and croquet club holds its courts open championship of great Britain – Wimbledon tennis tournament, the most prestigious event of the four tournament series “Grand Slam”.

All summer – the traditional summer exhibition Royal Academy, London (Piccadilly).

May-July – festivals of Welsh folk art “of Eisteddfod” (Wales).

The beginning of June – racing “Derby” (Epsom, Surrey). The most prestigious equestrian competition in the UK. Expected men to be the 8 cylinders, and women, including the Queen, in traditsionnye hats.

June (day is special) – Queen’s birthday (London). The highlight of the festival was the fact that he is not exactly on the birthday of Elizabeth II, and on the day that it is specifically for this purpose choose. Is considered the main national holiday of great Britain. London is hosting a solemn military parade, the changing of the guard with the removal of the banner. Tickets for the event must be ordered in advance.

June – music festival (Glastonbury). Held outdoors on the famous local pastures. Attracts many young people.

June 7 – Day Lanigera (Lanark, Scotland). Ritual procession on the limits of the city, the choice of the king and Queen, a parade, folk dancing and playing the bagpipes. In fact, the people’s carnival.

11-16 June – there is Antiques fair.

June-July – city festival (London). Many different events around the city.

The second half of June – arts festival (Aldeburgh Suffolk County). Dedicated to contemporary music, founded by composer Benjamin Britten in 1948.

In June are the promenade concerts in Glasgow. Performance Scottish national orchestra at the Royal concert hall.

The second half of June – the Royal Scottish holiday nagori (Ingliston, a suburb of Edinburgh).

Mid June – the parade of Selkirk in Scotland. Dedicated to the events of 1560, when the only soldiers who survived the battle, rode in the city, warned about the danger and died on the Central square. In total, the parade is attended by 400 horsemen, as the hero of the holiday is usually chosen young unmarried man.

Mid June – day Beltane (Peebles, Scotland). City cornet ritual toured the city and reports to the “Queen” (usually a young girl is chosen) that the city is not threatened invasion of the British. Colorfully costumed show with many courtiers, knights and other entertainers representatives of the middle ages.

Also in June (the day is declared separately) in Glasgow held a gay pride parade. The standard parade of gays and lesbians, characteristic of big cities of Western Europe.

June, late July and late September (date to be announced separately)– three of the Royal Ascot horse racing (Ascot, Berkshire). Horse racing Ascot are held throughout the year and has 25 rounds, but only three of them are “Royal”.

The mass pilgrimage to the ancient megaliths of Stonehenge is made from 21 to 23 June. According to the ancient teachings of the druids, at this time, the megaliths help people to stock up on energy and power.

The end of June – the festival Ludlow (Ludlow castle, Shropshire). Presentation on the theme of Shakespeare’s plays in a medieval castle and around it. As well as concerts, lectures and exhibitions.

June 29 feast of saints Peter and Paul.

For three weeks in July, the Cardiff festival in Wales. The program includes a variety of concerts (pop, jazz, rock, Opera, theater, etc.).

2-8 July – international jazz festival (Glasgow).

July 12 – the traditional procession of orangemen (Belfast, Northern Ireland). Dedicated to the events of the seventeenth century. The event is political in nature, because it is recognized holiday only Irish Protestants.

Mid July – the festival of cows and plough (Llangoed, Wales).

Mid-July-mid-September – promenade concerts ’s Proms”, London (albert hall). Pass 1895, mainly in the afternoon, is a significant cultural event of the London summer. Regularly performs Symphony orchestra bi-Bi-si. A lot of colorful flags and balloons.

Beginning August – sailing regatta “SC” (Isle of Wight).

On 13 August in the UK and other countries is world left-handers day.

13-14 August – Lammas fair (St. Andrews, Scotland). Eclectic event: a variety of modern and traditional Scottish goods, a bunch of palmists bungee jumping.

In the middle of August in Glasgow in the Park Glasgow green is the world championship game on the bagpipes. Competitions are held all day, from 11 to 18 hours. The participant must arrive at the competition in the skirt is a kilt.

In August – Edinburgh festival (Edinburgh). The largest cultural event Scotland, lasts for three weeks. In addition, in August, Edinburgh hosts the international film festival, book festival and the military tattoo festival.

The end of August marked the two-day carnival Notting hill (London). The largest street carnival in the summer in Europe, gathering produces half-millionth audience participants. Otherwise known as the Caribbean carnival, as dedicated to this region of the world. Traces its history back to colonial times. Reggae, soul, rock concerts, and Caribbean cooking.

The end of August – international week “the Beatles” (Liverpool). The event attracts tens of thousands of fans and a lot of rock bands from around the world who submit their cover ver-Sion of songs “fab four”.

August 29 – the Day of the Summer. On the last Monday of August in the UK Day of Summer is celebrated everywhere except Scotland. In Scotland Summer Day is celebrated on 1 August.


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