Unusual holidays

Every year on June 29 in the Spanish town of Haro Wine trail battle

The rival teams poured each other a huge amount of excellent wine, using all available means at hand: hoses, buckets, sprinklers and other devices. A particularly zealous “warriors” knock the opponent down by means of portable hoses. This battle symbolizes the long-standing hostility between the two wine-growing towns that are adjacent to each other. After the battle, all the participants, a soaking-wet and already rather hlebnuvshey wine, go to dance and celebrate in the pubs nearby.

One of the most significant events in China, the lantern Festival (Dentsze)

It originated from the Buddhist tradition to light the lanterns in honor of the great founder of this doctrine, and is held in the 15th day of the first Lunar month. On this day, the streets and city parks are decorated with lights of all colors and sizes, huge figures of animals, dragons and cartoon characters. Street vendors offer a fun and strange Souvenirs, and the circus performers and dancers entertain people with his art. The mandatory part of the holiday – guess the riddles on the lanterns. If the guesser was right with the answer and guessed correctly, he receives from the owner of the lantern is a small, exclusive gift. At dusk, the lanterns begin to glow, and the figures move, and it all together with colorful fireworks is an absolutely fantastic picture.

On 17 March in Ireland with a special scale celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

The main merit of this Saint was that he brought the light of Christian teaching on Irish soil. With the help of a Shamrock, which is nothing but a petal of the well-known white clover, he clearly explained to local residents the unity of the Holy Trinity. Since then, the Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland. It is also believed that Saint Patrick drove out to this beautiful island of snakes (though perhaps they were never there). A celebration of freedom-loving Irish people liked the other North American colonies and then spread around the world. On this day all become a little Irish – we need only to wear green, drink beer rapidly and to have fun.

Every spring, the Japanese celebrate the Festival of Cherry Blossom − “Hanami” (you can translate this name as “the contemplation of flowers”)

The development of high technology could not shake this beautiful Japanese tradition. Leaving all things, the Japanese indulge in monitoring the fragile beauty of flowering trees. Actually the concept of “Sakura” combines more than 100 wild and about 300 of garden varieties of this plant. With the onset of spring they briefly enveloped in gentle clouds of white or pink flowers.

The festival starts in the South and gradually moved to the Northern areas. Every day on television announcers tell the latest news of where, how and to what extent has already happened this exciting event. For greater effect, the trees are decorated with lights so that the light fell exclusively on the flowers themselves. Their enchanting, magical beauty evokes a strange feeling of sadness. That’s probably why the Japanese rarely plant a cherry tree in private gardens, preferring it to the pine. Nowadays, the contemplation of Sakura for Japanese people is, above all, an occasion to communicate in an informal setting.

The need for such communication is extremely high in a country where traditional politeness quite impossible to discern the true feelings and emotions. To contemplate Sakura alone or with your family is a personal choice, but to celebrate this holiday with a staff of native firms – the indispensable duty of every Japanese. No good reason to refuse is not accepted. During this contemplation, many simply do not have time to pay attention to the real Sakura. Well, unless you see her image on the glasses of sake.


while unusual for our country, and mainly concentrated among younger people. Meanwhile, on the West to its popularity it is second only to Christmas. It is an ancient Celtic festival marking the coming of winter and the onset of the “dark” half of the year. According to legend, on this night, opens the border between the worlds, so people should scare away the spirits, taking their shape. Every night from October 31 to November 1, millions of people around the world dress up in spooky costumes and have fun, portraying all sorts of witches, wizards, vampires and zombies. Being conducted competitions like races in coffins or contests for the most horrible grimace. Beautiful and mysterious twinkle in the dark night lights inside festive pumpkins. Laughter, jokes and General merriment – that’s what Halloween is today.

Not to mention the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro

This is one of the most spectacular and unusual festivals in the world. Exotic mixture of European, African, native American traditions, the procession of thousands of musicians and dancers in gorgeous costumes, giant puppets and catchy rhythms are attracted to Brazil hundreds of thousands of tourists.

But what about our country, do we have an unusual holidays?

Do You know the Neptune Festival?

This funny holiday arose out of a Maritime tradition to expose the humorous trials of all who first crossed the equator line. All successfully passed the “exam” is given a special diploma with seal and signature of the God of the seas. If the equator too far, do not worry. The Neptune festival it is possible to successfully organize near any body of water, it would wish.

Also, true Slavic holiday of Ivan Kupala

Before the girls go to collect herbs and flowers for weaving wreaths. In the night of Ivan Kupala people campfires around which songs roundelays. The most daring jump over the fire – one, or holding hands.

You can go in search of a fern, pointing to the treasure, burn an effigy, to track any witch – it is believed that on this night, the impure force is unusually active. You can burn an empty barrel or trolly wheel (of course, if they had any on hand) and let them steep hill. According to legends, collected at this time herbs possess special healing properties. Since 7 July, in the rivers and lakes you can swim. Namely, in this day bathing and pouring water necessary – regardless of the weather.

We are all very different, but we live on one small planet. And the holidays help us not only to relax but also to better understand each other. So celebrate your health!

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