Wine holidays and festivals in Hungary

In Indy the festival is held in the estate Museum Georgikon. Its essence lies in the examination of the wine cellars on the day Vincent. For the guests opened the cellar Balaton wineries, famous for excellent wines “Olaszrizling” and “Szurkebarat”.

Carnival in Andusage (February)

P professional chefs and winemakers come to Hanguang to measure creative forces. There are feasts, exhibitions of wine, carnival parade. The holiday ends on the last day before lent. The Ding and fun carnival like our carnival.

Wine festival in Congate (March)

In Congard – international centre of vine and wine – announce the winner of the competition of wines and ordained to Cavaliers fans Rieslings and wines “Charlene”, “Green valteline and Kekfrankos”. A ritual ceremony carried out by members of the Wine of the order of St. Vincent.

Kőszeg and Badacsony (April)

In from two hundred and fifty years in the city of Kőszeg spring solemnly seen the seeds of grapes. This statistical exercise is accompanied by a three-day festival with continuous tasting.

P prazdnichnye days pass and also on the mountain of St. George (Badacsony). Mountain giant volcanic origin, the proximity of the sky, vineyards, misted bottle of wine is here and the holiday.

Chios (May)

This wine festival is held on the day of St. urban (HIOS). Hajos-Baja famous for its red wines. The winners are clothed in the robes of the order of the wines of St. urban, and dance the Czardas.

International professional exhibition Vintour (pécs) – (June)

V intour (PECs) is an annual exhibition-fair of national viticulture and winemaking. Here overstock wine (wholesale and retail) visitors from all over the country.

Holiday “Bull’s blood” in Eger (July)

The festival “bulls blood” on the day of St. Donatus (Eger) is celebrated with a procession and wine rivers.

P radnicna week at lake Balaton wines, Tokay wine festival, wine Festival in balatonfüred, the grape harvest Festival in Balatonboglár (August)

P radnicna week at lake Balaton wines is held in their homeland in the town of Badacsony. Here traditional wine competitions alternate cooking tournaments. Wine is drunk, and snacks are destroyed to the accompaniment of drinking songs.

About otlichitelnaya hell of Tokaji wine festival – of soup cooking on the Bank of Tissa for all guests. And, of course, is Tokay. Where without it.

N a wine festival in balatonfüred (North shore of lake Balaton) pavilions with wine on the Central Boulevard of the city, and within two weeks, treat everyone the best drinks.

F estival grape harvest in Balatonboglár (South coast of lake Balaton) also has its traditions. From local wineries to the shore of lake Balaton moves the bright procession on foot, on horseback, in carriages, wagons, antique rarities. And then – whatever you want! Wine – the river (or lake), the songs until the early hours, dancing till you drop. We wish you good health!

Surat (end of August – beginning of September)

With uret in the Hungarian city of Sopron is the holiday of vine-growers. It is celebrated in honor of the completion of the grape Kekfrankos, from which the eponymous and very popular in Hungary wine. On sure come from all over the country. The culminating event is the carnival procession. Around the winding streets of Sopron start the flow of people coming together on the main streets, and then flow out to the area Cabalda.

P oredi of the square stands a cart with a giant barrel, on which stands a man in a wreath made of grapevine varieties Kekfrankos – Dionysus-Bacchus, or some famous in the field of manufacturing and consumption of wine hero of myths and legends. Through an area of rolling carts and trucks, which pull gaudy and fantastic dressed people. On some carts highly raise the cups of the soldiers in Napoleon’s uniforms, on the other – Hungarian hussars, Turks, Araby, the bearded men in leather Austrian pants.

P trostky with pipes and rattles, corked moustache, dog and cock feathers in inconceivable hats, dancing, Bouncing and bobbing, surrounded by passers-by, engaging them in a carnival fun. Similar holiday – under different names – known in virtually every wine-producing country.

In Sopron the early tradition of the celebration is that Kekfrankos – grade delicate, impatient. To assemble it only in a few days the end of summer and the coming autumn. It helps to perezit the berries on the vines and wines “Kekfrankos” it might not work. Another good wine – but not this. Therefore, seasonal workers for harvest gathered from all over the country. Large farms hired hundreds of laborers. Under the terms of the contract, the portion of payment the owner gave the wine of the last harvest, and at the end of the service was a celebration “sure”. Work ended in all farms at the same time – so the owners came out cheaper, and work better.

The earnings came from different areas of Hungary, of Austria, was walking in the festive national costumes, singing their songs – hence the carnival tradition. And, unlike the current sureta from many similar holidays in other countries is very large. In most cases, urban carnival is just revived the tradition, with the actors and rehearsals. Here the majority of participants are students who came to work during the grape harvest in the last days of vacation.

The Budapest international wine festival, Festival, champagne and wines in the district Budafok, the harvest Festivals in Eger, the European festival of drinking songs (pécs – the villány-Siklós) – (September).

B budapestskij international wine festival is the most significant forum of Hungarian winemakers. The wine list of restaurants of the capital at this time will be filled with great wines than ever.

D esety festival champagne and wines in the district Budafok, Budapest passes with tastings in a deep dungeon and numerous basements. And then the parade and the ball on the occasion of the grape harvest.

P prazdniki grape harvest in Eger marked a solemn meeting with much fanfare. The Eger messenger travels the local Council warning about the events of the coming day.

E European festival of drinking songs (pécs – the villány-Siklós) is a competition where participants allow only male ensembles and vocal groups. Listen and enjoy and can sing along to all.

Holidays wine in the hollow Mor, World Congress on gastronomy (Budapest). – (October)

P prazdnichnye days of wine held in the hollow of pestilence, where the grapes grow, Asaro. Sourish, slightly heavy wine, how to say the Hungarians created specifically for men. But try it and rate everyone can.

M t he global Congress on gastronomy in Budapest. Here are collected the best dishes of European cuisine at the Grand Bazaar and all the restaurants districts.

Gastronomic parade (Debrecen), “the Wine of Saint Martin” – wine festival (Budapest), the Feast of Saint Martin (Lajosmizse) – (November)

G astronomical parade (Debrecen) takes the following course: the grapes are harvested, the wine of the new harvest waiting for hours in deep cellars, and guests gathered in the hotel Civis Hotels Rt, gathered around the tables-masterpieces.

In Ino of St. Martin – the wine festival. In the Ethnographic Museum celebrate the birth of the young wine. For a snack – goose.

The festival takes place in St. Martin Lajosmizse. Usually here in the farmhouse tavern serves local delicacies. And only Gostiny! Young wine. Cheerful company. Songs. What else do you need?

Holiday wine on the Day of St. John (Eger), “Music is the wine – gastronomy” (Budapest) – (December)

The festival of young wine on the Day of St. John is his solemn consecration in the main Basilica of Eger. It is a secular-religious holiday.

“M physical education – wine – gastronomy” – the Budapest festival. It is some kind of warm-up on New year’s eve. Here is the tasting of thirty wine cellars. Gypsies, paprika and goulash are attached.

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